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June 26th


Rev. E. Anderson


The Scriptures speak about being “built up in your most holy faith”. This would indicate and emphasise the demand to move from an initial experience and understanding to something more. Every Christian must know how to grow at a steady and sure rate in and through Christ so that they please Him. There are spiritual means available that enable such. The systematic reading of the Scriptures, the listening to and obedience to good preaching and teaching from the pulpit and house group, plus constant prayer privately and unitedly, the readiness to witness for Christ and other devotions soon expand and bless and make it useful and fruitful. Do not stagnate but instigate and propagate that which is wholesome and satisfying and you will truly grow like Christ and be blessed and an inspiring example.

Sermon Starters

THE KING IN HIS PLACE – Psalm 2. The opening verses give a picture of world of humanity in utter confusion and chaos and it is because of its utter godlessness and rejection of GOD – vv2,3. But He puts things in perspective for all to see and accept and informs who is in charge. He can afford to laugh because He is in the ascendant position – vv4,5. Two things to recognise: 1/. He has placed His King, Christ on the throne, and all will be subject to Him and His rule – vv8,9 and calls for all to submit to Him. 2/. The wise respond and acknowledge His authority and live under His covering – vv 10-12. Things could not be better or happier under His sovereign control – “O blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him”.


A two-year old girl was with her mother while her older sister was at the dentist. She kept herself busy playing with toys in the waiting room until she noticed her mum was resting, her eyes closed. With about six other patients in the waiting room, she marched up to her mother, looked at her and shook her shoulder. “Mummy,” she yelled. “Wake up! This is not church!”


After Carl Lewis had won the gold medal for the long jump in the 1996 Olympic Games he was asked: “You have competed for almost 20 years. How come?” His memorable answer: “Remembering that you have both wins and losses along the way. Don’t take either too seriously.”


GREAT KINDNESS Acts 28: 1-16

One of the all-important things in life is that of kindness. It is most impressive and welcome. As these shipwrecked people arrived on shore, in such a bewildered and broken condition, the people on the island of Malta ministered immediately to their requirements. The Scriptures affirm: “The people were very kind to us” – v2. They were quick to relieve their needs. Later, as Paul arrives at a place called Melita and then at Rome, he finds a group of believers ready to show their love and care – vv12-15. There was the great expression of this vital service at a needful time.

Paul was able to demonstrate the kindness of God in return, especially to the island’s inhabitants. First of all, he was used to bring healing to the father of Publius who had been so courteous. This triggered a great move amongst the people as they brought the sick to him to be ministered to. They were divinely cured and so the testimony of the Lord abounded. The Lord did for them what no one else could do. The consequence of this moved the people to demonstrate further kindness – v10.

A little kindness shown can initiate and produce so much more. It can start to let this golden opportunity pass by without using it to maximum profit for the spread of the Gospel. He wisely invited the local Jewish leaders in on good terms to present his case and views to them, and they came in and conversed with him regarding the Scriptures and the Christian Faith. He was to show and prove to them the veracity of Christ and His message. There were those who came to believe whilst others were not inclined, so he turned to the Gentiles.

For two years many came to visit him and he did not waste the occasion but used such to present the Kingdom of God as revealed in Jesus Christ – vv30, 31. The rented home became the venue where many listened with conviction to the news that could and did transform their lives. He may have been a prisoner in his own home but he rejoiced in being able to fulfil his Christian vocation as an evangelist- teacher. The soldiers who were stationed near him would become acquainted with the message he preached. No doubt there were those who became Christians.
















  1. Latoya said,

    July 7, 2017 at 1:46 am

    At last some ratilnaoity in our little debate.

  2. September 2, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Kære Thea!Det er ikke noget at sige til, at du var træt, vi fik godt nok vendt mange forskellige ting på en enkelt eftermiddag. Meget inspirerende. Lad os fortsætte, når energien er til det.Pas på dig selv!Bedste hilsner fra Katrine

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