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June 25th


Rev. E. Anderson


Every day can be a special day when you know the presence, blessing and direction of the Lord. He comes to light up life and bring a life of genuine life. He is both Life-giver and Light-bearer, the two basic things required for you to know how to live and the driving force to achieve. Christ is always going places and as you are joined dynamically with Him there is no doubt you will achieve the best. So may the next hours see you progressively moving ahead into choice blessing and achievement?

Sermon Starters

Just a few thoughts to start you going and thinking: BEING ON THE RIGHT TRACK – Psalm 1. 1/. It is to be considered a blessed factor – opening word v1 ‘Blessed’ – what it means to be blessed from God’s standpoint. 2/. It is knows, believes God’s sacred word – v 2. Turning from the negative to the positive. 3/.It is becoming something of outstanding and lasting worthy – v3 a tree rightly planted, ever flourishing and no decadence. Being on the right track is arduous but worth it because of the end result.


BORN TO LOSE. Once, walking through the twisted streetss of Kowloon in Hoing Kong, I cme upon a tattoo studio. In the window were displaced samples of the tattoos available. On the chest or arms you could have tattooed an anchor or flag or mermaid or whatever. But what struck me with force were three words that could be tattooed on one’s flesh: Born to lose. I entered the shop in astonishment and, pointing to the words, asked the Chinese tattoo artist, “Does anyone really have that terrible phrase, Born to lose, tattooed on his body?”

He replied, “Yes, sometimes.”]

“But,” I said, “I just can’t believe that anyone in his right mind would do that.”

The Chinese man simply tapped his forehead and said in broken English, “Before tattoo on body, tattoo on mind.”


THE GREAT ESCAPE – Acts 27:27-44

This is one of the most amazing recorded escapes ever known at sea. Two hundred and seventy six people were saved in the most appalling conditions from angry winds and waves that battered them and their ship. For two weeks they had been in an embattled state with a raging tempest and it seemed there was no likelihood of escape from this intense situation. They certainly were demoralised and depressed because of what they had encountered and endured. All but one man on board must have felt that the end was near and there was no way out of this.

Paul was able to take charge and bring inspiration and hope in these desolate circumstances. He encouraged them to eat and inspired them by example. There was the bold, prophetic announcement that not one person on board would perish but that all would make it. Certainly, it was an audacious message to declare in such an appalling situation. Then came the calamitous moment when the ship became stuck on a shoal and was broken up. The remarkable thing was that all made it to land one way or another and were saved.

This incident teaches the great care of God for people and for the fulfilment of His word. He is jealous over both and makes sure that they are regarded. In the midst of experiences where everything appears to be loaded with evil against a person and people, He is able to express His thought and commitment in giving an assured word of hope and salvation. If you are placed in extreme conditions, where all is set to destroy, do not give in to despair: the Lord will give an apt word in which you can trust and rest and bring the same to pass in His own inimitable way.






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