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June 24th


Rev. E. Anderson


Fear is an ever prevailing evil and makes its presence known in all kinds of situations. There are different types of fear and all have to be faced, combated and conquered. Through the indwelling of Christ and the enabling presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s inspired Word, it is possible to face each one head on and be top-dog. Instead of being a victim you can and will be a supreme victor. Faith will be dominant and deal with any presentation fear will make and you will have abundant proof and tstimony to victory. So slay all your fears today and prove your status in Christ. You are more than conqueror.



There was once a very rough Parish Church Council meeting. Strong opinions were express and sharp disagreements surfaced.

The next day one of the PCC members felt bad about the whole meeting, and asked the vicar if he had slept well after the meeting had ended.

He replied, “I slept like a baby”.


“Yes, I woke up every hour crying!”

“It is nice to work for the Lord. The pay isn’t much but the retirement plan is out of this world!”

Old ministers never die, they just go out to pastor!”



This account shows the utter disobedience of the commander, captain and crew to the divine counsel that had been afforded them. Seeing that the state of affairs looked okay they felt justified in going ahead with the passage. It affirms – “When a light wind began blowing from the south, the sailors thought they could make it” – v3. In viewing the external circumstances they were filled with the notion that Paul’s revelation was utterly unreliable. They did not accept what he had said was true because the natural factors were evidently contrary.

It wasn’t very long before they were to discover how right he was but then it was too late to return as they were swept into a severe time of testing. Everything changed in a moment as a northeasterly gale rose and made the sea tumultuous. The next few days were hazardous and nerve-racking as they used all their wit and strength to save the boat and themselves against the natural elements. In the pressure of the storm the Lord spoke and gave assurance of salvation – vv22-25. Divine hope was given when all was hopeless! It would have to be a word tested in the most critical conditions but it would not fail.

There are occasions when Christian believers land themselves in some awkward and trying settings because of the failure to heed the direct advice of the Lord. Being self-opinionated they feel that they can judge where they are at and what must be done better than Him. The result of their actions lands them in extreme circumstances of difficulty where they require Him to bale them out. In His grace He is most kind and helpful. If you are so placed, have the humility and sense to ask for His assistance. He will come to your aid.


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