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 June 22nd

Rev. E. Anderson


Ever realise that there is an eternal freshness and fullness in your God that He wills that you should draw and live on the same. One of the main reasons for the advent of Christ into this world and into your life was that you might know such on a daily basis. Be reminded of what He said: “I Am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly” – – John 10:10. So do not miss out on the dynamic life you should be knowing and receiving from heaven during your stay on earth. Let there be freshness and fullness manifest in and through you, now, today.



A young girl was told she needed an X-ray. She went in and seemed especially nervous.

When she came out of the X-ray room, she told her mother, “They took a picture of my bones.”

“Yes, dear,” replied her mother. “Did everything go alright?”

“Sure,” said the girl. “It was great. I didn’t have to take my skin off!”



Again Paul was given the chance to give a defence of his position and used it to seek to make king Agrippa aware of the reality of the Christian Faith. He simply gave a personal testimony on what he had been and how Christ made Himself known to him on the Damascus Road and as a result he had become a Christian. It would be obvious to his listeners that here was man who had truly had an encounter with Christ and had become fully persuaded as to His person and mission. There had come a radical change that indicated his commitment to Christ.

The reason why he was in the dock that day was due to this experience and his readiness to proclaim Him to others. He proved to the king, from the Scriptures, that Christ was the fulfilment of the predictions of Israel’s prophets and so were His ministry, death and resurrection. The preacher was aware of the fact that the monarch was aware of what the prophets had spoken and challenged him to a belief in Christ. He replied with the words: “Almost you persuade me to be a Christian?” – v28.  He was almost there but not fully. It would have been great if he had been! The prospect at that moment was good but he missed it.

Two things come out of this witness by Paul: the first is that there should be a speaking with utter conviction the assurance concerning Christ and what He has truly done through His life, death and resurrection. Also, a pure and sure testimony as to the inroad and impact of Christ’s grace and power in your conversion to Him. The consequence of such will create and generate faith in the hearer towards Christ. Who knows whether you will see someone brought to faith in Christ through your assured witness!




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