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June 21st


Rev. E. Anderson


Because ‘all things are possible with God’, because He is your Father and you are now His child through Jesus Christ His Son, so whatever was accomplished by and through Him is also within the realm of your believing and achieving. There is nothing that cannot be wrought for your highest good and benefit through faith and prayer. God would take the limits off so that you can know and experience the greatest in your earthly pilgrimage. So as the hymn-write puts: “Large petitions with you bring”.



There is a well-known story about young Teddy Roosevelt: Mittie (his mother) had found he was so afraid of the Madison Square Church that he refused to set foot inside if alone. He was terrified, she discovered, of something called the ‘zeal’’. It was crouched in the dark corners of the church ready to jump at him, he said. When she asked what a zeal might be, he said he was not sure, but thought it was probably a large animal like an alligator or a dragon. He had heard the minister read about it from the Bible.

Using a concordance, she read those passages containing the word ZEAL, until suddenly, very excited, he told her to stop. The line was from John 2: 17: And His disciples remembered that it was written, ‘The ZEAL of thine house hath eaten me up”.



Yet another turn of events was to make for a further expression of the Christian message. Festus replaced Felix and was approached in Jerusalem by the Jewish leaders to have Paul tried in Jerusalem. He was prepared to go along with this not aware of their evil design. When Paul was asked he declined sensing a wicked intention. The next step was to appeal to Caesar. This incident was to mark a turn in events and reveal the unfolding plan of God for advancing Christianity.

It was a bold thing to do but it was to serve the higher interests of the Kingdom of Christ. There was a divine wisdom afforded to him in it all. Whilst seeking his personal security it was also in the knowledge that he had a work to do for the Lord. He was not afraid to die but he was not ready to give up his life without some good cause. Festus was prepared to hearken to him and so everything was settled for him to go before the greatest person of his day to express his faith. He had already got the word that he would finish up in Rome – Acts 23: 11.

There are occasions when things in Christian life and experience have to open up in a much wider way and the Lord may use adversaries and adverse circumstances to activate it. A divine sensitivity must prevail and a faithful readiness to move out into unchartered waters knowing the Lord is directing affairs. It does not matter how formidable and fearful the thing set before you is, the Lord will enable you to negotiate with an assurance that He has some worthwhile end in view that will glorify Him and increase your usefulness.




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