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June 19th


Rev. E. Anderson


A brand new work-week is before you and the Lord is conversant with regard to each day and all that is to occur. The best and wisest course of action is to be linked into Him and find what His desires and designs are. He only thinks of the best and in the long term interests so it is the finest thing to co-operate with Him. As you ponder the lives of the bible characters, see how well it turned out for them because they followed out His plans for their lives. There is much to be wrought of a satisfying nature that yields untold rewards1



I was visiting a primary school to write a report on an incident of vandalism, when I was interrupted by a little girl who looked about six. She looked up and down at my uniform and asked: “Are you a policeman?”

“Yes, I am,” I replied and went back to my report.

“My mummy said if eve rI needed help I should ask a policemen. Is that right?”

“Yes, it is,” I told her. “Well, then,” she said, extending her foot towards me. ”Could you tie my shoe lace, please?”


OUTWITTED – Acts 23: 12-35

The Lord knows how to outwit and overrule the dark designs of men and evil powers. There are always ways and means at His disposal whereby He is able to outdo anything that sinister forces would do in detriment to His servants and people. A band of 40 men made an oath and commitment that they would not eat or drink until they had witnessed Paul’s death and dreamed up of a plan for this to be carried out. They did not know that Paul’s nephew had overheard them and he was able to acquaint his uncle with what was being determined.

The upshot of it all, Paul was able to get his nephew to let the commander know and as a result he took immediate action. He was able to outwit the foul intentions of these wicked men and so save himself from a great deal of embarrassment. All these soldiers were employed to safeguard the interests of this choice man of God. In the whole incident the plan of God comes to pass because He wants His messenger to be able to present the Gospel to some noteworthy people and to give a tremendous witness in an important setting.

It is always a pleasure to consider and meditate upon the procedures of God in giving His people security and at the same time giving the opportunity for the Good News of Christ to be heralded wide and far. He is able to cause things that lead to the furtherance of the Gospel. Know that He is able to do the same for you. Although the enemy would plan your demise and seek to bring disaster across your pathway, know this, the Lord is not only to preserve but is able to make it serve your good and His great gain. He oversees all and works to the good of His own.