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June 18th


Rev. E. Anderson


To be able to stand, walk and run effectively one needs the all important factor of balance. When you really begin to enter the older age bracket never more does this become more apparent? It has to be said, this applies to one’s thinking and feeling. Somehow things can go awry when the gray hairs come upon you. Some, unfortunately, lose it altogether and that is very sad! We need the Lord to daily input our lives with His Spirit and Word so that He can keep us straight, calm and in a wholesome condition. One is reminded how well Moses was at 120! May you all be enabled to keep your marbles and feelings!


A lovely couple joined us in our assembly that proved an immense asset and blessing in so many things, Tom and Edna Dawson. They were only little but they packed a work and industry. Tom was of a practical nature and loved doing deaconing tasks although not in an official role. Well, Edna was a gifted pianist, seamstress and loved a laugh. We had some lovely women singers and she was able to create a women’s sextet that was excellent in its ministry. She spent endless hours in practice and they ministered in many places. She also was good on the sewing machine and I have been personally grateful to her for altering suits and trousers to make them fit smartly. How lovely to have all types of people in the fellowship proving an overall ministry to the blessing of all!


The minister was talking to a group of young children about being good and going to heaven. At the end of his talk, he asked, “Where do you want to go?”

“Heaven!” they all piped up.

“And what do you have to do to get there?” the pastor asked.

In unison they all replied, “Dead!”



The opportunity was to be given to this messenger of Christ to speak to the religious leadership to present his case and testimony. In a remarkable way he was able to make a stand for the resurrection of Christ and at the same time produce a division amongst the company for his good. They could not agree amongst themselves as to his situation and so conflict arose. The commander had to move in again and rescue him from their hands. He was not to be left to the mercy of these prejudiced leaders. Something more was in the mind and will of God.

When he required guidance and assurance it was to be afforded him from the Lord. There came the divine strengthening with the words – “Be encouraged” – v11, and a divine enlightening to the fact that he would become an increasing witness. His testimony to Christ would reach even to the principal city of Rome. Events later would reveal that he would touch a lot more people en-route. Because he dared to show his allegiance to Christ, so Christ would show His allegiance to him and make him a more influential witness than ever.

In speaking out for Christ it is possible to discover that He is able to make the testimony greater than ever. He has ways of opening doors by which the believer is able to share on a much wider front. Instead of being inhibited and fearful, a remarkable boldness can take over which appears to pave the way for the message to be made to a bigger audience. It seems to be a steppingstone to increased testimony that ensures the growth of the Gospel and Kingdom. The Lord would assure you to get on with being a witness for Him where you are – Acts 1: 8.