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June 17th


Rev. E. Anderson


There is much to capture your interest and commitment in the world around you that would draw you away from your focus on and relationship with the Lord. They are very tempting and seducing factors that would take up much of your time and monies. In the end, if pursued, they will create a bankruptcy of Him and all that He wills to achieve in and through you of lasting value. It is decision time to resolve that the Lord is the One you love above all and you are determined to see His plans fulfilled in every way. Remember this, it is only what is done in and for Christ that lasts!


Stanley Kynaston was a member of Carmel Church, Denton and was a choice person. He was there when I arrived and was still there when we moved on. He was a most reliable individual and loved cycling and travelled quite a distant to be part of the fellowship. He was a lovely tenor singer and could hit the high notes without difficulty. He loved to sing and with his smiling face and humorous approach made a great difference when he contributed to a service. It was a great day when Tricia Holmes came and along with her mum and dad found Christ because eventually she was to become his bride and they had a lovely life together. Stan has been called home to glory, along with Trish,  and no doubt his singing will be enhanced and he will be enjoying lifting his voice to His Saviour and Lord.


Misunderstanding: There was a woman who spent some months serving God in Kenya. On her final visit to a remote township she attended a medical clinic. As the Maasai women there began to sing together, she found herself deeply moved by their beautiful harmonies. She wanted to always remember this moment and try to share it with friends when she arrived home.

With tears flowing down her cheeks, she turned to her friend and asked, “Can you please tell me the translation of the words of this song?”

Her fried looked at her and solemnly replied, “If you boil the water, you won’t get dysentery”.



This great servant of the Lord had some close encounters with intense suffering and death. Although he went through a lot of trials and troubles it is evident that the Lord had a way of delivering him in the midst of them. He also had some choice purposes to achieve in those difficult experiences. The Lord enabled him to negotiate these arduous times to maximum profit in relation to the spread of the Christian message, and at the same time securing the well being of this man of God. He was able to preserve him in numerous situations and ways.

The religious Jews were prepared to listen to what he had to say as he addressed them in their own tongue until he mentioned the name ‘Gentiles’. This agitated them to become violent and desire his death. But intervention came. The commander then ordered Paul to be flogged, but he escaped this by stating he was a Roman. Both the commander and soldiers sensed they had gone too far as they realized they had broken Roman law. So God’s special servant knew divine protection in difficult circumstances.

Christians have to face up to the fact that they live in a hostile world and society that is at variance with the Christian message and its standards. Believers have to be ready to lay their lives on the line for the Lord so all may know in truth and reality the glorious message of Christ. There is a cost that has to be paid so that even those opposed may hear the Good News. As you make your stand for Christ, be bold in your witness even though it may stir conflict. Be assured, that He who looked after Paul will also preserve you and the testimony you make for Him.