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June 16th


Rev. E. Anderson


The great spiritual stimulus to knowing, maintaining, increasing and enjoying your devotions with the Lord is to be conscious of His infinite devotion to you. Remember you are a creature of eternity and not just time. There is something more than that which is human and natural concerning you. Before all things were brought into being you were truly and fully known and loved by Lord and you are destined to be with and reign with Him in the coming ages. How essential to get to know Him as much as possible now. Through the Holy Spirit, prayer, the Scriptures, Christian fellowship in wholesome devotion you will move of to significance and fulfilment.


A very quiet character in the Denton church was a single woman by the name of Muriel Chadwick. She hardly ever missed a meeting, travelling by bus to get there. She was a Sunday School Teacher and most ardent in evangelism. She would go out regularly and visit the homes of the people in the area, knocking on the doors and giving wholesome Christian literature. One of her assets was a beautiful smile that switched people on. Never did I have to encourage her in this passionate task. In fact she was an encouragement to all in this holy pursuit. She was one of the New Testament people who knew her sacred duty. I am certain she will be rewarded by the Lord for her loving labours for Him!


WHEN THINGS GO WRONG– Acts 21: 15-40

On arrival at Jerusalem Paul and his fellow-workers were warmly received by the Church leadership and fellow Christians. How different from when many years previously he was there after his conversion! In order to try and keep things calm and cool the leadership felt it wise for him to adopt a procedure that would make it obvious to the Jews that he was not advocating Christians to turn their back on the laws given by Moses. They felt if he could give this knowledge then the heat that was being generated would be effectively dealt with. It was to be in vain.

As soon as the Jews saw Paul had been in association with a Gentile, their anger turned to a violent and murderous intent. The softly, softly approach was not to work. It was all in accord with the previous prophecy etc. No doubt Paul went along with the design but deep within his spirit he knew that he was going to be assailed for Christ. Although things appeared to go wrong Paul was still in the will of God for it opened the door of witness on a greater front, and he was ready.

There is a major lesson to learn from all this: when others are thinking in terms of good that may be well meaning, it may not be what the Lord has in mind. The easy route that is being suggested may not actually be what He has determined. However, there should be no conceit or resentment be made to others but a going along possibly knowing you are committed to His will whatever it entails. Make sure that your mind and heart is surrendered to the One that truly matters.