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June 15th

Rev. E. Anderson


All around is a manifestation of change and instability that can become most disconcerting and makes for restlessness. You need to be anchored in that which is changeless and dependable and is able to succour strength to your being so that you can more than cope in such an environment. This is where your God can step in as you invite Him to do so. He is never over-awed or in pieces in the perfect running of the universe He has created. You are on and in His daily agenda. Why not allow Him His role and see how sure and stable you can become? He wants you to be like Him! Form and forge a union with Him and see the difference!


There are people that you come to really admire and are really worth their weight in gold, such a person was Alfred Slater, elder of the church at Denton. When we took up residence there, when we arrived with our possessions, he was there to greet and help us move in. He was not just a person who sought to counsel, and he was good at that, he was a very practical person that sought to aid in every way. He used his vehicle to people transport to and from the church, helped to keep the premises in a presentable state and was most supportive of the pastorate. He was so regular at the services and was ready to fit into any demand. His wife, Eva, along side of him, was most supportive, too. When I get to heaven I shall certainly look round for this man, God willing, and re-call our lovely bond of fellowship! I am sure the Lord has got a choice posting for him in the glorious place of life, fellowship and industry!


AN OPTION TO RESOLVE – Acts 21: 1-14

As this Christian party were making there way to Jerusalem, led by Paul, on two occasions the apostle is urged not to take this trip both by certain disciples and a prophet by the name of Agabus. There is no doubt they were rightly inspired as they pressed upon him not to go ahead with his plans. They were genuinely concerned about his welfare and this godly man. The servant of the Lord valued their affection and contribution. A tremendous choice had to be made at that hour as to what to really do. Should he make the journey or refrain from this mission?

In no way was the apostle a rebel at heart. Taking on board all the facts it would seem that the Lord was given him an option: he could choose what to do. This divinely anointed man sensed in his being that here was the opportunity of being able to make a deliberate stand for His Lord in the place where he had previously wrought so much havoc. He knew he would require a great deal of faith and courage and believed the Lord would sustain him for what was ahead. He would set a standard for the rest of Christendom to emulate, hence his strong determination.

There are occasions when the Lord puts options before His people. It needs to be stated often, He is not a hard taskmaster and He does love to behold His servants making bold decisions at personal expense because they desire to prove their love and at the same time bless His kingdom and testimony. Instead of accepting the easy option and way out, you may have to seize the more arduous factor, but in doing so it will turn out to the greatest advantage in every way. Show divine determination and wisdom that will in the end yield the greatest good. What you do can have an impact of enormous worth to the cause of Christ.


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