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June 14th


Rev. E. Anderson


Whilst you are on planet earth, one of the major things you must do in order to enjoy your stay is to learn to build some positive and wholesome relationships with other people. As you allow others to share the investments of their life and experience into your being and life, so you will develop into a good person that is able to make valid contribution to others of choice factors. Forbid the presence and power of sin to work in through Christ and reach out to people that require you presence and help, so you will form helpful and significant friendships that will be lasting and commendable. Make contact personally by phone, visit, deed, letter etc., and see your life expand into something of real worth to God, society, family and self.


During my pastorate at Denton, in my visits, I met Johnny Moores who was a former, good footballer. He played in a famous forward line at Derby County with the likes of Jackie Stamps, Horatio Carter, Peter Doherty.  His two children came to our healthy Sunday School. I spend quite a few hours with this big, pleasant man sharing Christ with him. He was never resentful and discourteous. He never did make a commitment whilst I was there. However, the Lord had surprises in the wing. I was asked some time later to go to speak at my former pastorate. I received the news that Johnny had got saved at Bethshan Tabernacle, Longsight, M/C. He sent a message asking me not to leave the church as he was coming after his own evening meeting to greet me. He arrived and I met him outside the door. What a greeting! He lifted me off the ground, swirled me around and thanked me profusely. He later became a member of Carmel Church and an elder! Our labour is never in vain in the Lord!



How refreshing to read of a person who has a fixed mind and a resolved spirit and will! Such a one was the apostle Paul and it is reflected in the passage he wrote here. There was a spiritual commitment to consistency in all that he gave himself to and he was not to be put off by anyone or anything. The determination comes out especially since his conversion to Christ in so many beautiful instances and ways. He was an individual who could be relied upon to see things through and so see some divine achievements. He would not be swerved from His mission.

In speaking to the leadership of the Ephesian fellowship he makes known that he had expressed an utmost loyalty to Christ and them. In a humble manner he had served even though it had demanded everything. An unswerving attitude to God had been manifest in declaring the whole counsel of God to them. He had not shrunk from speaking the truth on all fronts. There had been no failure to care for them in every way throughout his ministry. And now he was ready to go to Jerusalem even though it may cost him his life for Christ to prove it again.

In a day when it is said that one of the failure of professing Christians lies in the matter of divine commitment, be challenged by the dedication of this outstanding Christian – servant. Be stirred in your being to render such devotion to the Lord, to His people and the world that makes it obvious you are 100% surrendered to serving all. It is in this world that you are called upon to prove your utmost loyalty in every way. Do not let the privilege and opportunity pass by without registering a steadfast allegiance and ministry that will profit all.