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June 11th


Rev. E. Anderson


Although you have not faced the day ahead of you before, not knowing what lies ahead, you can be assured that your Lord is altogether in the know and is present to help you successfully negotiate it, even the sudden emergencies. Rest in His presence and promises and be conscious that He is ever only a prayer away. You don’t have to even dial, as soon as you upon mind, heart and lip He is there to respond. So there is nothing you cannot handle together and see “all things work together for good”.


A Wonderful Inspiration. I can never forget Norma Alexander, a young teenager in the church at Denton. She had a very choice smile that lit up her countenance when you met her. Well, that is how it appeared to me! When we arrived she became a real source of blessing and encouragement. And when she discovered that our birthdays fell on the same date, she was thrilled. She always came seemingly at the right moment to bring cheer. She later became a wonderful nurse and was chosen as the year of the nurse because of her attitudes and aptitudes. We still keep in occasional touch and I don’t think she has lost that magical touch and smile! A great example to copy.



There came a wonderful ministration of the sovereign power of God through the life and ministry of the apostle Paul. At Ephesus the Lord decided to do something extra, going beyond the norm and showing His capacity to work wonders. His servant was so imbued by the Holy Spirit that there came a break out of the unusual. Handkerchiefs and clothes that had been in close contact with his body were placed on sick people and they were amazingly cured. Even those possessed with evil spirits were released from their presence and domination.

This choice servant of Christ had evidently moved up a gear in God and knew a tremendous sense of divine authority in his labours for Christ. Even the demon world was aware of this particular factor and acknowledged it when men trying to cast out evil spirits made things difficult for them. They admitted, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul. But who are you?” –v15. This is a confession of his special ability and influence in Christ. In Ephesus, the supernatural occurred because of one man who was filled with God’s grace and power to perform signs and wonders.

What does the Lord desire to do today in the places where His people live and serve Him? As Spirit-filled people are blessed there is no reason why there cannot come a breakthrough in similar fashion of the astonishing, sovereign power of God. In no way is His ability diminished or His authority less, but He seeks the instruments that He can bless and use in such a way. It is time for a further break out of the supernatural so that people can witness the supremacy of the Gospel of Christ. Pray, believe and expect such.


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