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June 10th


Rev. E. Anderson


Do not be dismayed or discouraged by all that is happening around you in the world and in your nation. Changes take place that are not always naturally welcome, but be assured, the LORD is in control. He has never at any time let go over His creation or creatures and at the end of the day it will be unquestionably shown that He has permitted Satan, devils and men to go far but always has had His reins on all. Be at peace knowing you are under His wing continually and He jealously guards your interests now as well as eternally.


Visitation is something that I have been privileged to do as a minister of Christ. It is always has been a pleasure meeting folks in their homes and seeing new members of the household. It has not been a boring task but has brought delight to them and extension to Christ’s kingdom. Well do I recall a visit to an older lady in Denton soon on arrival? She was shocked when I appeared at the door and her first words were: ‘You are the first minister to come into my home”. What a welcome I received and on subsequent visits! Her husband was not a Christian but treated me kindly. It was a long time afterwards that he became poorly and bed-ridden. Visiting one Sunday afternoon she asked me if I would kindly put him on the commode. He didn’t think I would but I heartily responded. When the family heard this they were profoundly impacted by the deed. He grew worse and when I visited later I sensed his time was short and I felt I must face him about his eternal destiny. That day he turned to Christ and said he had finished filling in the pools and the monies would be sent to the Fellowship. How lovely to see the whole family in church at his funeral and have the pleasure of presenting Christ to them!



How jealous and concerned Paul was that the Christian believers should experience the divine blessing of the Holy Spirit in their lives! In joining the group of saints at Ephesus he made this inquiry: “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” – v2. To them He was an unknown factor and quantity. They were not even aware of His existence! Paul was able to rectify this by explaining what had actually occurred to them so far. He then revealed to them that the Messiah had come and so had the Holy Spirit in confirmation. They allowed his knowledge to guide them.

It was required that they should take water baptism as the next step of preparation for the Spirit’s blessing. The apostle knew what it was to live by the Spirit’s anointing and so was a fit person to administer this gift and blessing. The little group immediately entered into their spiritual legacy and soon was speaking in tongues and prophesying. It was no longer a matter of question or debate: it was now a personal experience. What they had to do was to see that they maintained the fulness of it for the rest of their days.

It should ever be recognized that Christ came not only with the specific mission of giving salvation to all men but that it should be immediately followed up with the rich presence and power of the Holy Spirit’s person entering into life and service. Have you received this choice blessing through Christ? It is for you if you have repented and turned from your sins. Today He would fill you so that your life will become inspired, indwelt and blessed by the Godhead. The Spirit-filled life is the way to spiritual and supernatural success.