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June 9th


Rev. E. Anderson


You have had a great way in your walk and relationship with God that has brought untold blessing in every part of your life. Always remind yourself, this is simply the beginning of His eternal mercies and kindness. If you could only foresee what He has laid up for you in Christ you would be further enthused and excited and possess the will to explore more and see the further unfolding chapters that He is recording in a book that will never end. You are more than a creature of time. You are being prepared for a supernal role in His heavenly kingdom, so be quickened now with fresh inspiration to your immortal destiny.


MOVING ON: It is not always an easy thing to pull up your roots especially when things are going well. We were happily settled with our little family in Louth and then we were presented with the challenge to take over a bigger, successful church in Denton, Manchester, pastored previously by two good men of God. We had been recommended by a choice servant of God and so we went to view the land. The fellowship decided they would like me to be their shepherd-overseer. We are so glad we responded to the Lord and people. This church became a real place where we grew and developed in the ministry. Spiritual expansion took place in us in many ways as did the fellowship and how well we were treated. It became the next choice leg in our journey with God. So do not be afraid to go ahead to fresh grounds having been blessed and used by God.



A couple was used of the Lord to impart further instruction to a very intelligent, eloquent and spiritual man. They were called Priscilla and Aquilla and the man’s name was Apollos. In a providential way they met and they were enabled by the Lord to give some helpful scriptural counsel to this gracious and learned individual. He had a great measure of wisdom and understanding about the Lord’s ways and of Jesus but he needed more up-to-date and accurate knowledge of the truth. There were still certain factors that he required to be shown and informed about.

Sensing this man had a hunger for God and hearing him speak with such zeal and enthusiasm on what he did know, this spiritual couple sensed that if he knew all the truth what an asset he would be. In a loving and wise manner they were able to share with him and he was big enough in spirit to be a learner and was glad about the extra help and instruction. He did not resent their input but welcomed it. A friendship was created and a mightier ministry was born so that Apollos turned out to be an inspired teacher to all the other believers and churches in the area.

It is possible to be in either situation: where added knowledge in the things of God is required or where the need is to pass on to others the things we have been taught and learned so that all are spiritually enlightened. A responsibility rests on you both to be both learner and teacher so that greater divine light is communicated to others that stand in need of it. Having enlightened you in the course of the Christian Faith and experience, it expected that you will become a source of illumination and instruction to those around.