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June 7th


Rev. E. Anderson


Support is what is required at times in order for us to be able to accomplish things of worth. Whilst there are occasions when we should do what we can, nevertheless, we were not made to be independent but inter-dependent. Sometimes valuable assistance is required and we should be ready and willing to receive it. How grateful Joan and I were for our two sons and daughters-in-law as we watched them wisely and capably deal with our new move into lovely premises! It was lovely to sit back as they put the furniture etc into place. All we had to do at the end was to enter into the blessing of it. May be you need others alongside and you must not be afraid or ashamed to ask. Give others the privilege of doing something special for you and enjoy their support. And by the way: thank them for it!


There are some rather unique people that one comes to know, love and appreciate in the course of Christian life and fellowship. Very memorable to us was an aged couple called Mr & Mrs Clarke of Fotherby, Louth. They came to know and love the Lord whilst we shepherded the flock. Theye were both homely and happy and always made you feel welcome in their little farm house. Whenever we visited and left they desired to bless us in some way. Their son, Dennis, was a quiet man, with smiling face that indicated how he was pleased to see you. He later married Violet who became a good partner and a real blessing on his parent’s home-call. These people are the ‘salt of the earth’.


A WORD FROM THE LORD – Acts 18: 1-17

As these Gospel preachers went on to their next port of call, Corinth, a measure of success was given them. A significant number of people came to know Christ and were baptized. However, there were some difficulties. Opposition arose and God’s servants were insulted. Instead of being overcome with this hostility and abuse from the Jews they turned to the Gentiles to declare the Good News regarding Christ. They would not allow the work of God to be hindered in any way.

No wonder the Lord had something to say at this time. He came with inspiration to speak an apt word so that they could get on further with the job they were doing. In a divine vision the Lord spoke: “Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t be silent! For I am with you, and no one will harm you because many people here in this city belong to me” – vv9, 10. This was not simply to put their minds at rest but to animate and motivate them to great expectations in terms of blessing and growth. It would renew them to press through to greater results. They would be excited at the prospects of seeing the Lord supremely at work amongst them.

May be you have worked and seen some tokens of success where you are but then the spiritual enemy has come seeking to forestall your endeavours for the Lord. It has left you wondering what to do. Should you continue or move on is the thing that troubles your mind. You are in real need of word from the Lord to assure so that you can diligently proceed in what He desires and designs. His word is sure and hopeful: do not be disturbed by what has taken place but rise with courage into where you are because He has purposed to exceed your expectations in terms of increase. There is much more to be outworked where you are.


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