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June 5th

Rev. E. Anderson


Consider the way you have been blessed. Follow the counsel of the hymnist who advocated: “Count your many blessings, See what the Lord has done”. When negative and destructive things seek to assail and rob, do not be ruled by such but be infused with the great legacy of good that has come from heaven to you. Instead of allowing the horizon to be filled with dark clouds of depression and gloom, inject the glorious testimony to the Lord’s intervention and action in the past and they will have a diffusing impact and alter the outlook in the now. The saints you to sing of old: “I’ll Cary my sunshine with me everywhere I go”.


The art and act of recollection is a good thing. Even the psalmist said: “Whilst I was musing, the fire burned”. Something good popped into mind and heart that made a difference. Prayer does make a difference in many ways. At Louth we had a small spiritual oversight but we decided we would stay once a month and fast and pray at dinner. Others could join us if desired. The consequence of this commitment contributed greatly to the advance of the fellowship. We grew from around two dozen believers to around ninety people, God blessing us in many other ways. So. Let prayer become a dynamic and emphasis in your life and witness it power!


QUALITY PEOPLE – Acts 17: 10-15

What a surprise awaited these two missionaries as they arrived at Berea and got on with their task for the Lord! There appeared to be no hostile element present amongst the people as they made known the truth of the Christian message in the synagogue. They must have been delighted with the warm reception and with the nature of the people as they expressed a magnificent attitude in every way. It was quite a remarkable change from what they had experience from the Thessalonians and one they valued immensely.

What is said of them is worth listing and mentioning. It is stated that they were open-minded, listened eagerly, searched and checked the Scriptures to find out for themselves whether the truth was being spoken, finally, many came to a living faith in Christ. In no way were they gullible, swallowing anything and everything, but they were discerning enough to find out whether they could receive and believe what was said. This marks them out as a quality people prior to Christian conversion. They moved on in their new-found faith to evidence further excellence.

It has to be said that this has ever been in the mind, design and will of God: to create and cultivate people who are of an excellent nature in life and service. He gives Himself wholly to this main line pursuit: to have choice personnel in His Kingdom that will reflect marvellous attitudes in accord with His own attributes. Begin to realize more and more that He is at work in you to make you more open-minded to divine truth, to give you an eager spirit to listen and learn, to give you the ability to search the Scriptures and to come to a dynamic faith in Him.





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