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June 4th

Rev. E. Anderson


The world in which you reside and have to engage is continuously erupting and changing. Leaders keep arising who profess to have all the answers for the immediate hour and circumstances. It is so easy to be de-stabilised by all that is happening. Be assured, the throne of God is unperturbed and rules. The kingdom of heaven is now amongst us and through Christ’s personal, inward and spiritual living and reign you can be and live assured and in control. All is to pass before you but not Him or His kingdom. Keep Him in His place and all will be well.


It is a very good thing when you have good neighbours. Whilst at Louth we had a woman named Peggy Michael next door to us. Joan and her could readily talk to each other on the back door step. They built a very good accord. Peggy had  a number of small children and her husband was not altogether caring. So she found great comfort with us and our little family. One day she decided to leave her husband and take her children and live with another man down south. However, Joan felt constrained to write a letter to her to read when she arrived. With love and wisdom it was composed. When Peggy read it she immediately sensed she could not through with it and returned to Louth. As we do what the Lord tells us to do it is surprising how He works!


A TIME OF PRAISE – Acts 16: 16-40

Believers have learned to praise God in all sorts of situations and found it to be a very profitable spiritual exercise. One of the historic and classic instances is that of Paul and Silas when cast into prison. They were sorely beaten, yet they decided to have a time of praise. Instead of being depressed and languishing in spirit it was agreed they rejoice in the Lord in prayer and praise in song. The record has it that it happened at midnight! – v25. Instead of simply nursing their wounds they opened to the Lord in a paean of worship.

The Lord felt compelled to respond to this wonderful attitude by showing His grace and power. There was the breaking of chains, the opening of prison doors and the ultimate conversion of the jailor and his household. The new convert went immediately beyond the norm of a prison officer by seeing to it that their wounds were washed and dressed and that a meal was given. The jailor’s home became a divinely transformed unit as a result of the worship conducted in the prison that night. It was to be a memorable experience for all concerned.

Praise and worship are tremendous assets to the servants and children of God. It aids in honing in on God at all times, whatever the circumstances, good or bad. In no way can the Evil One tolerate this divine exercise but the Lord loves it and has ordained that it should be a blessing to those who engage in it. There are occasions when it would seem praise is uncalled for, especially in moments of pain, suffering and grief. It is a challenge to faith. It may be you need to learn this procedure and see the Lord work wondrously on your behalf through it.


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