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June 2nd


Rev. E. Anderson


A good bit of counsel: don’t bring into today yesterday’s  load and do not permit tomorrow’s labours in to overload the next hours. This is a spanking new day with untouched hours waiting to be invaded and exploited with God. With His input you can plan and participate in new ventures and activities that will express the potential He has laid inside of you. There is no reason why you cannot forge fresh friendships that are to add a glorious dimension to living. It is break out and breakthrough time for you so do not miss it.


We never thought that on such little income we could afford a car and run it, too. Joan’s dad had a small Austin seven and he was prepared to let us buy it at £25:00. How we managed to purchase it only the Lord knows but we did and managed to drive and use it in the interests of Christ. It was always a joy to give our church elder and his wife a lift. They were most appreciative people! So for over 59 years the Lord has made sure we have had transport and we still own a vehicle!



It is rather remarkable that Barnabas and Paul had been used by the Lord to resolve a major problem in Jerusalem and yet here we discover them in a situation of discord. They had been together over a long period of time, ministering as a team at Antioch and working as missionaries in planting churches under great persecution. Each owed a great deal to the other as they had benefited by inputting spiritual values and strength to one another. The work of the Lord had prospered enormously through their united team effort and devotion.

The issue was over John Mark who had deserted them on the first trip. Barnabas wanted to give him another opportunity to make good whilst Paul felt he had forfeited such by his desertion. He wondered whether he was up to such demanding work. Both were right in a sense but both lacked the capacity at that time to give way and so a strong altercation took place, which resulted in the parting of the ways. The good thing that came out of it was that two teams went forward instead of one and both John Mark and Silas were able to prove their worth.

There are occasions when things arise that would seek to create untold discord and harm. A watch must be taken when such occurs that they do not result in God’s work suffering. As in this instance, both can be essentially right but there is required the grace of God to give way in the interests of Christ’s kingdom. As you face moments and experiences of this nature, never think by giving way that you are the loser. To sacrifice at this point reflects a tremendous spiritual maturity and sense. The cause of Christ is always the winner and all benefit as a result.