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June 1st


Rev. E. Anderson


Life is a gift from God to you to deal with that is to serve your development, usefulness and blessedness. Making the most of it is to be a daily priority. It is by a spiritual, dynamic association with Him that you are to know what is good, right and best and will yield the positive and lasting consequences. You will serve as an inspiration to many and encourage them into meaningful existence and fruitful accomplishments. So be up and be about His Majesty’s business for you are in real service.


Forming good links with others is a great means of refreshing in the hum-drum of life. It is amazing how they can start and  be most rewarding. I remember the missionary, David Womersley coming for ministry whilst at we were in Lincoln. It was great to have someone of similar age doing immense service in the Congo. David was a lover of good books and a choice communicator. It happened to be that I had two books similarly titled and he had not got this one. What a pleasure to be able to bless him with it and so a lasting accord was formed!  Be on the look-out on how you can form a wholesome friendship. It can come in a unique way!l



There was a big divisive and contentious issue that required resolution in the Early Church: it was the matter of the Gentiles coming to faith in Christ and the call on the part of some that had been Pharisees that the Gentile converts should be circumcised – v5. It was a thorny question that needing careful handling so that it would not create an unhealthy split. Above all else the mind of Christ was essential to give certainty of direction so that everyone could be brought to a proper accord and that the work would go on unimpeded.

Peter’s previous experience proved to be an asset at this point as he was able to recite how the Lord had triggered this off in the conversion of Cornelius and his household. He made it obvious that the Lord drew no distinctions on the matter and sealed them as His by the Holy Spirit without the requirement of circumcision. Paul and Barnabas were able to prove that the Holy Spirit had worked with miracles among the Gentiles and saved them without this being an issue. Wisely the chairman of the gathering, James, was able to conclude all satisfactorily – vv13-21.

It would appear that this incident set a pattern for Christendom for all time on how to resolve, in a wise manner, difficulties that are of a controversial nature. There will come, in the course of Christian relationships, experiences and incidences, seeming causes for argument and debate. Instead of falling out and creating distress and frustration there should be a readiness to bring the matter into the open and to hear all. As the spirit of grace and sense prevail there will come the answer of the Lord. He has a wonderful way of resolving issues and keeping unity!


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