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May 30th


Rev. E. Anderson


As you take time to review your life and trace all the dealing of God in your affairs, it will do two things: there will be gratefulness and thankfulness to God expressed as to His great grace and goodness and an assurance much more is on the way thus guaranteeing your future. In being and living this way you become a silent but powerful witness to Him who is Unseen but influential in your daily existence. Others will envy your life and life-style and will be impacted in the right way and lead to a real faith in God.


Whilst looking after the fellowship in Lincoln, we had the task of caring after the visiting speakers and missionaries that itinerated. Often, when we had done our loving Christian duty, there was nothing in the purse at the beginning of the week. This was so on one occasion and our eyes were turned heavenward for answer. It came in the post on time through a registered envelope with the two pound notes enclosed. Someone had lovingly sent it from Hounslow without appending their name. What a lovely tome of praise and excitement we had over this! ‘My God shall supply all your need!’


A QUALITY PERSON – Acts 13: 13-52

This was what David the former king of Israel was credited to be in the eyes of God. Paul quotes from the OT in describing him – “David son of Jesse is a man after my own heart, for he will do everything I want him to” – v27. Although he had his faults and failings, there was within this individual the desire and readiness to follow through the mind of God. He made his mistakes and had to pay for them, nevertheless, he more than anything else loved and wanted to serve and please Him in every way. The Lord saw it and was moved and impressed by this quality of commitment.

He was, however, but a type of the One who was to come that was quality through and through. Paul’s main emphasis was on Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who utterly and perfectly pleased the Father at all times, even to the point of death. He really did carry out in full detail everything that the Father had planned for the salvation of mankind. So impressed was the Father with Christ that He raised this quality person from the dead never to die again – v34. He is assured, too, of the blessings guaranteed to David: “I will give you the sacred blessings I promised David” –v 34.

The Lord still seeks and requires quality people. Christ is not only the example and standard for all men to note; it is in and through Him that people can be renewed and changed to become like Him and turn out to be a divine quality person accepted and approved by God the Father. Through His forgiveness and indwelling, He gives the dynamic power and drive to resist evil and to apply oneself diligently to doing all that God requires in a divine manner. The consequence of this faith and obedience is to be noted in God’s blessing being manifested in life.




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