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May 29th


Rev E. Anderson


On this wonderful Bank-Holiday, know that the Lord is not on holiday or vacation. He never takes time out at all or leaves you to the mercy of whatever may come. He is always tuned and timed in to you every moment and situation of everyday. He takes His overseeing and providing diligently and is conversant to those elements of surprise that are not always welcome. He knew what Joseph and Job had to encounter and enabled them to deal with all sudden intrusions and obstacles. You, too, are a special object of His care and love and will never fail you at any time.



When in our first pastorate in Lincoln we had not got a great deal of money. I did have a licence to drive a tractor on the road but this did not give me the right to drive a car etc. It seemed stupid because I had taken big-four wheeled trailers and other implements great distances on the highways. My brother showed me favour by paying for lessons and on my first attempt, passed. I was able to get a part time job at a fruiters and florist. The Mason’s in Lincoln were quite big business! The boss bought a seven ton lorry. Little did I know what was in store! He asked me if I had driven such and I truthfully replied only in a field when we loaded lorries years ago. He took the lorry and me just outside Lincoln and then asked me to drive. After a while he said, ‘you’ll be okay’ and sent me off the next morning to get a load of goods from Hull docks. What a challenge! I was away early the next day. Unfortunately there was a slight fog. Did I pray? I needed the LORD all the way there and back and managed without mishap! One thing is certain: I would never have done it without Him. So it may be you have something cast across your pathway you which is formidable you didn’t ask for. Well put yourself in His hands. He will see you through! 



The Lord was to initiate the beginning of missions in bringing the Good News of Christ to all men. A wonderful base of operations had been formed at Antioch in the conversion of many Jews and Gentiles and now it was time to enlarge and move into all nations. Barnabas and Saul had been groomed by the Lord in this great fellowship of believers and were ready for a much bigger task. As a group of leaders waited on the Lord they heard and received a divine summons to engage in an enterprise that would change the face of the world. They became obedient.

What a success story to record and relate when they came to the island of Paphos! A person of considerable influence was waiting to become a Christian disciple by the name of Sergius Paulus. He was the governor and a man of considerable insight and understanding. However, a false preacher, who was a sorcerer, sought to prevent Christ’s messengers from getting their message over. Paul with divine authority rebuked him and caused the sorcerer to be stricken with blindness. This led to the governor’s conversion and to the fulfilling of their mission.

The Christian Church must follow through what the Lord commenced through these two men. There is still a need for local churches to become bases from which people are sent to do the work of evangelization. Each Christian must become an integral part of divine mission either by going or supporting those that are called to go. You need to know from the Lord the special role that He wants you to play in the success of missions. If your task is to stay at base see that you fully support in prayerful and financial commitment and so advance the cause.


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