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May 28th


Rev. E. Anderson



In the midst of the ordinary one can get a sense of the extraordinary taking place. Often in a quiet, unassuming way the Lord works some of His most incredible works and shows that He really is in charge of your life. You need to rest in His goodness, faithfulness, love and power that silently operates in an unpublicised fashion to do the best. Know that you are never out of His sight or heart and at an instant ready to perform to your blessedness. What you now know are but starters for something bigger when He returns!


Good leaders are worth their weight in gold. It is always a great thing when you have people alongside in a very supportive role. My first elder in Lincoln, Harold Comins, was such a man. Little, but large in God! The Lord and His work, plus his family meant everything to him. A very gift man, a metallurgist, he could have securely settled down in luxury but chose to live in a council house on an estate with his family. Although a busy man, he never missed meetings and was an ardent man of prayer. When John Shelbourne arrived in Lincoln he was there to give him his full backing and blessing. He was one of the originals who paved the way for much more for the city. He was desperate to be filled with the Holy Spirit and his experience was unforgettable as in the middle of the street of his home city, God gave him a mighty baptism! One looks forward to renewed fellowship in heaven very soon!



It did look as if the early Church had its back against the wall when one of their leaders, James, was beheaded. Things did not look any better when Peter was taken with the intention of Herod to have him disposed of. Many Christians must have been somewhat dismayed and perplexed that evil seemed to be in the ascendancy. The powers of sin and darkness were assuming control and doing their utmost to bring about the defeat of Christendom. The spiritual fight was on and it was needful to have a significant reversal to show who really was in charge.

How heartening to read that the Church gave itself to earnest and instant prayer – v5. Peter may have been in prison but it did not stop them from pleading to the highest authority of all, the Lord. In an amazing show down the Lord sent an angel to deliver him. Without ado, God provided a light and simply loosed the chains. He told Peter to get dressed, put on his sandals and coat and led him out. Meanwhile He kept the guards and the rest of the prisoners asleep. Finally, he opened the iron gate without a problem. The conclusion to it all was the demise of Herod in a remarkable way. He paid an awful price for his action against James and the Christian Church.

When the Church or the believer is in major difficulty (and sometimes God allows it), it is that they may discover the power of prayer and the sovereignty of God. At all times there is access to the One who sees and knows all that is occurring and possesses the power to act and transform situations. Peter evidently rested in God whilst people prayed and experienced a miracle. So it is possible for you to pray for others who are facing a problem and then see God’s answer.






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