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May 27th

Rev. E. Anderson



Good people are worth their weight in gold. Most individuals have benefited by the input of some person that has been humbly motivated. I shall ever be indebted to a man by the name of Tom Cranswick. When I first got saved he was my fist pastor andhow he loved and cared for people. He was anxious for their welfare and ever sought their betterment. This was so for me. He taught me to love God and how to pray. We held days of prayer and fasting and this set my course for the future. It was a shock to me when the LORD called him higher at this time. It is still a mystery to me. But what he sowed then still yields fruit.


If you are really going to make something of today and of your life, you must sort out what is priority, best and most rewarding. Your inward motivation towards that which is the greatest in the things that are of quality must be ever present and rule. You can follow the finest example, Christ. One knows what dominated and directed all of His life. He never deviated from this constant inspiration: “I always do those things that please the Father” – John 8:29. The reason why He is the King of heaven is due to this being fulfilled. Do not settle for second-best but commit yourself always to things which are of primary worth and good.


RIGHTLY CALLED – Acts 11: 19-30

It is choice to read how the people in this church at Antioch were called ‘Christians’ – v26. The term had never been used before but as these early believers had embraced the Christian Gospel, and put it into practice, the name was given to them. They must have exhibited Christ by their faith and deeds. They had given themselves to Christ and also been brought up under good, spiritual leadership, namely Barnabas and Saul, who had truly taught them about Christ in every way. They had been keen and eager to learn and receive His life and adopt His lifestyle,

One of the ways in which they revealed Christ’s nature and deeds was in caring for others in great need. In being acquainted that fellow believers were about to go through hard times, they immediately took up a generous, freewill offering that would bring some relief. Their Christianity was released in making sure that their fellow believers were catered for. When the opportunity came to give visible evidence they were Christians, they were not slow in proving it. Their testimony was not only to be known in Antioch but in the sacred city of Jerusalem, too.

As people observe, can they recognize the fact that you are a Christian by what you both say and do. Your belief in its expression must be fully backed up in a behaviour that is in accord with your words. Creed and conduct are to concur so that your faith is beyond dispute. Christ will give you ample opportunities of being able to relate to others so that they can see Himself manifested everyday in every way. The Lord desires that you be successful in being a true and worthy representative of the Christian message and He will help in this vital exercise.













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