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May 26th


Rev. E. Anderson



It is many years ago since we pastored our first congregation in Lincoln. We had no house to go to but were able rent accommodation outside in Bracebridge Heath. It wasn’t very helpful as needed to be in the city. We were surprised when an advert appeared in the Lincoln Echo that a lady was offering a house for rent but she wanted to know what the people would pay in. We wrongly thought she was desirous of the best returns. We reckoned we didn’t stand a chance but our church secretary wrote to the lady and she replied for more details. We left it for a while but on a Tuesday evening felt constrained to go and see her. She was a widow and welcomed us and listened to our situation. She said she was looking for a good neighbour as she had lost her husband and had her aged father living with her. Before we left she said, “I believe you are the people I am looking for and that will do me fine”. The house was ours with two weeks free rent for decorating! Whilst there, she became a real mother to us and we her friends. When our first baby was born she hugged it with delight!


Never ever forget that it is God that works in you both to do and will of His good pleasure. It means to say that He has nothing but the best and greatest in mind for you now as well as eternally. The present programme of life is intrinsically bound to His eternal plan. As you are faithful and fruitful now this is all preparation for something more choice and wonderful. There is no way as your Father that He wants you to miss out in either realm.



After this amazing experience with the Gentiles, Peter has to return to Jerusalem to the church there. When he gets back he discovers that the news had gone ahead of   him but not a full version of what had actually occurred. Unfortunately there were those who were ready to put a wrong slant and so criticized his actions. It needed sorting out. The apostle was able to give a clear, divine resume of the event and experience and proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that he had been under the Lord’s orders. He had acted at the behest and confirmation of the Lord.

What he had to state was the unmistakable guidance of heaven and these Gentiles had received the testimony of the Holy Spirit that made it absolute. He came to this sure conviction: “And since God gave these Gentiles the same gift He gave us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to argue?” v17. If they got a problem with the matter then they would have to sort it out with the sovereign Head of the Church! He had been the One who had initiated and brought the whole thing about and Peter had just been the seeming reluctant servant in it all. So the issue was resolved – v18.

When the Lord does things that are different in our lives and experiences not everyone may understand at the time because there may be some strange element in them. However, there will be the sure knowledge and evidence of His word and working that will be undisputed witness to His administration. If others conflict, know how to answer so they will come to the conclusion that this is something of His doing. Do not cultivate an argumentative spirit but learn to explain things in a gracious true and clear manner and everything will be settled in a godly fashion.







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