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May 25th

Rev. E. Anderson

It is true to say our lives are often influenced by the not so gifted and quiet people. May be it is because they are not a threat and welcome our spiritual input. When a pastor, I loved the pleasure of visiting these kind of people. It was where I got to know them and built a wholesome accord. Two spinsters. Mabel and Beth Rice at Louth where choice. How they delighted when I popped in! They did not have a lot in terms of possessions but in nature, love and consistency were outstanding. They were regular at the meetings and supportive in every way. They were worth their weight in gold to any Christian minister and fellowship. So many times in the past I have been most grateful for their presence, smile and contribution. It is nice to know I’ll meet them in heaven!

You live in a world of doubt and fear manipulated by Satan who persistently seeks to waylay your mind and spirit with such and so create a state of hopelessness, panic and restlessness. In Christ, through the Holy Spirit and God’s Word you can utterly negate and destroy them. His presence and promises far outweigh all that he can throw at you. He and his operations can and will be nullified by the matchless and miraculous power of God acting in your defence and attack. Enjoy living in the goodness of Him today for all is well.

The Lord certainly had some surprise in mind as Peter arrives at this Gentile home. It suddenly dawns upon his spiritual understanding that the Lord is truly interested in and committed to people distinct from his own race, Israel! It must have been quite a shock to his system! There is a divine conviction in his being that God does not show partiality and that “he accepts those who fear him and do what is right” – v15. The inspiration is upon him to make the Christian message known and to make the truth of Christ’s work plain to all who are assembled in the home.

What a response as he was preaching because it was to a captive, believing audience! They drank in every word and found no difficulty in accepting Christ as the message was being delivered. The Lord was so thrilled that the Holy Spirit was immediately sent and given to the household, so they were doubly blessed. They were saved and filled with the Spirit to the astonishment of those who had come with Peter who were Jews. In one moment this home was owned by the Lord in a special and significant manner and would become a permanent witness to Him.

When people are of this spiritual nature, the Lord will move in and demonstrate His grace and power. As real hunger for the things of God exist, then He has ways of turning up and doing things in an extraordinary fashion. It is good to know that He wills to bless households. You and your home can be wonderfully blessed by the Lord as you give Him room to come and operate. The Lord has no favourites but He does note those who have a high regard for Him and who seek to pursue the path of righteousness. Let your household be one that knows His grace in a unique way.



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