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May 24th

Rev. E. Anderson

One Saturday morning years ago, at the time when our firstborn was about 18 months, I was calmly reading the newspaper when he decided to climb on the table to walk around. I saw the threat and took action. Unfortunately he saw me coming and moved away from any contact. Regrettably he dropped off at the other side of the table that was close by a window which smashed in the descent. He caught the nape of his neck at the back and cut it badly. Immediately we had to rush to the hospital in Louth for attention. Whilst the doctors attended to him we prayed in the waiting room rather chastened. Having stitched it they kept him in the ward because they were worried whether he had damaged some other part. That night our home was desolate! Sunday was Breaking of Bread service, and having prayed for our son, we refused to detract from our real reason of spiritual gathering. Going to see him in the afternoon, he was up in his cot, chirpy and soon out and has never had any after effects. We are most grateful to the LORD!

The world in which you reside is full of uncertainty on a daily basis. Christ taught that each day is different and uncertain. The only real assurance is about the Lord who creates, oversees and overrules in its proceedings. You can be certain about Him. He desires that you be anchored to Him and His procedures and promises so that you can exist in believing that he will work everything out in His love, wisdom and power to your present and eternal good. Partnership with Him is the best thing that could be your lot because nothing surprises or baffles Him and this is to your blessedness.

FAITH’S ADVENTURE – Acts 10: 9-33
The Christian life and experience must be viewed as one of an adventure in faith. God’s plan in Christ is to lead the believer and leader into that which is unique, inspiring and fulfilling. There will be challenges that will have to be taken up but as they are followed through yield great results. As Peter went on the house top to pray he little realized what lay in store for him. A vision was given that really shook him and filled him with perplexity as to its meaning. He was challenged to eat food that he believed was utterly forbidden but the Lord assured it was alright to do so.

He is not to be left in any doubt as men sent by Cornelius arrived at that moment and he was given a sound message: “Go down and go with them without hesitation. All is well, for I have sent them” – v21. He was to embark on an errand for the Lord not knowing what was purposed and so he is on a new enterprise that will require faith and commitment. Here he is, a Jew called to go and see a Gentile! This was not customary and in the usual order of things. The Lord was about to break a mould, and Peter was to be used in bringing it about in the Lord’s schedule.

The Lord does not want His people to settle down in a hum-drum existence but loves to see them stepping forth in faith under His inspiration and direction. There are always new things to be accomplished in and through the believing and obedient soul. As you seek the Lord truly in your life and affairs, sense that He has things to unveil that will make your service more satisfying and fulfilling as you respond to His demands. Do not lose the awareness that He wills to direct in fresh ways that will open you up to blessing others in a bigger manner and measure.


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