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May 23rd


Rev. E. Anderson



You are encouraged through the Scriptures not to “Cast away your confidence which hath great recompense of reward” – Hebrews 10:35. Those early Christians were in danger of losing out because they were losing their spiritual grip. Satan was and is ever on the prowl to denude you of that assurance you have found in a through Christ and His Word. Your confidence will be rewarded at the right time in incredible fashion. So hold on until you enjoy its benediction. You may have a battle but you will experience the blessing!


I recall when I had a real amusing answer to prayer but it was so true, memorable and encouraging. We were having a holiday in Mablethorpe years ago with good friends who helped us in our early days of pastoring. We were bathing early in the sea on the Monday morning having a time of frolic and fun. Suddenly the husband called out that he had lost the top set of his false teeth. Immediately he felt upset and so we all gathered where he was to see if we could feel them on the sea bed. It was a pointless quest. After chatting on the beach, I suggested we both go back to the front. Having arrived, I suggested he go one way and I the other. Before I started out, I prayed and told the Lord how vital these teeth were to this man and He was present to answer prayer. I had hardly gone twenty paces when rolling over on the crest of the wave was a top set of teeth. I never forget the joy and excitement of the occasion! When I tell the story of how the teeth fitted people get a good laugh. This has ever servted as an inspiration to pray for me!!!


TAKEN NOTE OF – Acts 10: 1-8

It is quite something to be taken note of even when you are not completely aware of it. Such was the case of Cornelius, a Roman army officer, who had a tremendous respect for God and others. He was a man who impressed his household in a godly manner by his faith as it was carried out in loving service. He not only prayed regularly, he sought where he could do good for others in a kind and benevolent manner. Those around were truly impressed by the way he conducted his life and were happy to live under his command. He was taken note of by those near him.

More than this, he had real influence with God. As He viewed from above, there was a admiration and recognition of this Gentile. The Lord wanted to honour and reward him in a meaningful way and did so, first of all, by assuring him that his prayers were answered and his giving acceptable. There was much more in the pipe line for him and his household as he responded to divine directions. Immediately Cornelius takes notice of the inspired word and prepares himself and household for what is to be revealed by the Lord. His faith is quickly followed by obedience.

How much do you claim the attention of the Lord by your faith, devotions and liberality? He certainly observes the way people believe and behave and His eyes are watchful of you as to your manner of life. There is much more that He wants to accomplish in, for and through you and as you sincerely follow out His purposes in everything, He will similarly respond. Give yourself to God and others in simple and loving service and you will discover that all is observed by Him and in the process of time, and His arrangements, He will surprise with many choice things.





Zechariah 9 & 10

A preview is given of Messiah, Israel’s future Saviour and deliverer and what He will be to His people. There is a disclosure of His person and work and what a significant role He will play in the forwarding and blessedness of the nation. He will certainly make a powerful difference as His presence, influence and exercise is known. God’s people will have every reason to be assured and glad in the manifestation of His person and the input He will make.


This prophecy we know was fulfilled by Jesus Christ as He entered into Jerusalem prior to His crucifixion. He did not ride in on gallant steed or war-horse but on a domestic animal to the astonishment of all. The lowly animal that had never been broken in was mastered by the Master in humble fashion and in the event unveiled the quality of His person. There was no pride or arrogance in the Christ. He was different to other conquerors and this was His city!

2/. THE ABILITY OF THEIR WARRIOR – 9: 11-15; 10: 5-12

He is to be seen as one that is ready to enter into conflict and fight battles and emerge as the mighty warrior and conqueror. He is fully armed and sounds the trumpet and moves with great speed against His foes and to protect His people. Those that stand against Him have no hope of success because He has strength, skill and speed. When He moves out to fight His enemies they have good reason to fear and quake for they will prove to be helpless at the sight of Him and the demonstration of His omnipotence. There is a further portrait given of Him in the book of Revelation, mounted on His white horse read to lead heaven’s allied forces into battle. What a sight for the eye to behold! 

3/. THE MINISTRY OF THEIR SHEPHERD – 9:16,17; 10: 2-4

Yet another view of Him is as the Shepherd of His people and the revelation of His ministry to His flock. He sees them scattered as a flock but comes to rescue them from mortal danger and shows His intense love of and for them. They will be subject to His tender care and provision. He comes to take over the essential leadership so that they will be no longer in difficulty. He will also transform this flock in many ways so that they will take on His qualities.