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May 22nd


Rev. E. Anderson



You are encouraged through the Scriptures not to “Cast away your confidence which hath great recompense of reward” – Hebrews 10:35. Those early Christians were in danger of losing out because they were losing their spiritual grip. Satan was and is ever on the prowl to denude you of that assurance you have found in a through Christ and His Word. Your confidence will be rewarded at the right time in incredible fashion. So hold on until you enjoy its benediction. You may have a battle but you will experience the blessing!


I recall when I had a real amusing answer to prayer but it was so true, memorable and encouraging. We were having a holiday in Mablethorpe years ago with good friends who helped us in our early days of pastoring. We were bathing early in the sea on the Monday morning having a time of frolic and fun. Suddenly the husband called out that he had lost the top set of his false teeth. Immediately he felt upset and so we all gathered where he was to see if we could feel them on the sea bed. It was a pointless quest. After chatting on the beach, I suggested we both go back to the front. Having arrived, I suggested he go one way and I the other. Before I started out, I prayed and told the Lord how vital these teeth were to this man and He was present to answer prayer. I had hardly gone twenty paces when rolling over on the crest of the wave was a top set of teeth. I never forget the joy and excitement of the occasion! When I tell the story of how the teeth fitted people get a good laugh. This has ever served as an inspiration to pray for me!!!


DOING GOOD – Acts 9: 32-43

She was quite a remarkable and outstanding lady. Her Christianity was of a practical and social nature that influenced many. What she could do she did so with her whole heart as she made garments and cared for those in desperate need, especially the widows and the poor. So many people benefited from her gracious and generous doings that were wrought from a loving spirit and compassionate heart. The whole area had become dynamically moved by her constant contribution to the welfare of all. Whenever she saw a need she sought to minister to it. Her name Dorcas means gazelle and in a sweet manner she demonstrated her faith.

Little wonder that when she fell ill and died there was quite a stir. Folks were disturbed and truly distressed over her loss and when the Christians heard that Peter was not too far away sent for him. He believed for and worked a miracle for them in the name of the Lord and so she was resurrected and restored to the people. She was able to continue her good work with the added testimony of the miracle that had occurred. This ordinary woman became more extraordinary as she witnessed in life and good deeds the faith and goodness she had found in Christ.

It is important that once we have been saved and received the new nature in and through Christ that it is seen to work in the manifestation of loving service to others. Having become Christ’s, there should then be a true disclosure of His disposition in countless acts of kindness to all around. The best witness that you can give to those about regarding your Christian conversion is to shower them with gracious words and deeds. The manifestation of the ordinary through an extraordinary inspiration will have a telling effect upon your neighbours etc.