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May 21st

Rev. E. Anderson



The LORD is totally aware of all that is to come across your pathway today and has planned every step and sees all the possible challenges and difficulties. There is no need to be fearful or overly concerned because all is taken care of beforehand. Job could say centuries ago: “He knoweth the way that I take”. It is time for Him to oversee and work out all for you in this. Why not let Him and have the best day of your life.


This concerns the conversion of my brothers and sisters which really happened when my mum was miraculously healed when we expected her to die. My father called us all out of bed one night when she was desperately ill. Whilst around her, there was a unique presence entered that colliery home and touched and healed her. The next morning she was up and around looking after a large household. She was full of God, singing praises, sometimes in tongues, and bringing a sense of holy conviction. Within a short while we were all saved and we loved, served the LORD for many years. My mum was lived until she was 89! The miracle really lasted!


DRAMATIC CHANGE – Acts 9: 1-19

The Lord in a moment is able to bring about dramatic change. This is what is recorded here of a man who was utterly opposed to Christ and the establishment of the Church suddenly transformed to become its greatest missionary-evangelist and teacher. One moment he is imbued with a desire to do everything in his power to completely remove every Christian from the face of the earth, and the next, he becomes renewed in such a way that he becomes the willing bondslave of Jesus Christ and devoted worker. He became sold out to Christ in love and mission.

In meeting Christ on the Damascus road the dynamic, inward revolution took place. He could not escape from the glorious Head of the Christian Faith and becomes convinced of His identity and authority, submitting himself to Him wholeheartedly from the outset of conversion. He said on recognition: “Lord what will you have me do?” – v6. This reveals his new faith and expresses his complete allegiance. From that hour he was to be sold out to Christ and His kingdom. No longer was he an enemy filled with animosity but a loving devoted believer committed to total service.

In reading of this man’s outstanding conversion to Christ it should aid in believing for others who are at present opposed to him. If Christ could save and then use the chief protagonist, it is possible to believe and expect that He will do the same in others who are set against Him. It is time that the Christian community started to believe for those at present in antagonism and resistance to Christ to be dramatically renewed by His grace. Pray and believe for such to happen, and it will.