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May 18th

Rev. E. Anderson

You have never confronted this day before. It has been appointed by the LORD for you and it is His will that you be blessed in it and make a success of it. Your life has been filled with immense potentiality and possibility through His grace and power so you can accomplish things you have never done before. Reliance on Him will ensure that He will give revelation as to plan and procedure and the wherewithal to perform. Make this day one to be happily remembered!

Be not therefore elated in thine own mind because of anyart or science, but rather let the knowledge given thee make thee afraid.

Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘joy’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. Those who really know and relate to God believe in His supreme power, that He can do anything. God the Father desires that His offspring through Christ will know how to perform in similar fashion.


Who can measure and tell the special delight of being able to perform some beneficial act to another person! Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan highlighting his generosity in aiding a man in desperate need. He must have found enormous pleasure in being able to render such a service even though he was a stranger. Two other people, a priest and Levite had the opportunity but missed out on a special blessing!

John Wesley made the affirmation for Christians to observe: “Do as much good as you can to as many people as you can, whilst you can.” This must become a mind and heart-set so that the world of people around feels the impact of the Christian community in loving deeds. Jesus became renowned for the wonderful things He did for all kinds of people in their need. What a delight it was for Him to bring relief too many who were in extreme crisis and circumstance. It says of Him: “He went about doing good . . .” – Acts 10:38.

Make it you number one priority today to render some choice deed for another. Go out of your way, spend your resources, employ your energy in stepping alongside someone and show a gracious and generous act. When you retire to rest, on reflection, you will be able to pray over the kind act, and who knows, you may well see some wonderful consequence.

There came in the history and experience of the Christian Church, because of growth and demand, for the need to appoint men who could serve in a practical manner with love and wisdom. It was with this in mind: to relieve the apostles and spiritual leaders to concentrate on the preaching, teaching and prayer. They had in their ranks a wholesome nucleus of people who suited the ministry. Amongst them was a man by the name of Stephen who came up to the qualifications required – “respected, and full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom” – v3.

As he served humbly and compassionately in this role, he was greatly used of God. He not only relieved the needs of the people in a practical sense, he was also blessed by God in supernatural ways in bringing healing and miracles. So many were touched by the Lord and enjoyed deliverance in various ways. It affirms: “Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, performed amazing miracles and signs among the people” – v8. He turned out to be a major asset as he laboured amongst the folks and, as a consequence, things went further ahead on all fronts for the Church.

In giving oneself in service to others, in caring for their temporal needs under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, much more can be administered with His power. God would use you to answer other serious situations that exist amongst the people. Ordinary believers can be used in extraordinary ways as they learn to be ever filled and flow with the Holy Spirit. There is something that you can do for others and so improve their life’s lot and load in natural and supernatural ways. Put yourself at the disposal of the Lord, His servants and people for use.