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May 17th


Rev. E. Anderson



You have not only become the recipient of a new birth and life in Christ, immense spiritual potential is waiting to be released and developed through you. Do not set limitations on God or yourself.  Together, you can more than cope with all that is before and see expansion on all fronts. He is alongside to lead and take you forward into undreamt possibilities in faith, practice, work etc, and make all fruitful. Your littleness and His bigness are a great combination!


The more thou knowest, and the better thou understandeth, the more strictly shalt thou be judged, unless thy life be also the more holy.


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘joy’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. Those who really know and relate to God believe in His supreme power, that He can do anything. God the Father desires that His offspring through Christ will know how to perform in similar fashion.


Philip the evangelist was given direction to go on a mission by the Lord. He little realised what it entailed until he saw the chariot with a man aboard reading from Old Testament prophecy. Philip knew what to do and gladly entered into conversation with him about what the prophecy was all about. He was able to point to Him about Christ and what He had done. It was a great moment for these two men!

The Ethiopian eunuch is immediately convinced and converted to Christ. He is overjoyed because he has found the answer to what he was reading, Jesus Christ. He was immediate in his response and was baptised and became an immediate believer and follower of Christ. The evangelist, Philip, and he, were filled with immense delight at what had providentially happened. The eunuch could go on his way rejoicing he was saved. Philip could rejoice at a task wonderfully accomplished.

You can know that joy today as you ask the Lord to lead you into an experience of witnessing for Him. Remember, Jesus said, “You shall be witnesses unto me”. Tell someone today about Him, what He has done for you and what He can do for them. Your joy will know no bounds.


GOOD ADVICE – Acts 5: 12-42

The apostles, Peter and John, were used by the Lord in performing many miracles amongst the people and so attracted large crowd. Even as the shadow of Peter passed over the sick ones there were amazing deliverances. The consequence of all this divine phenomena wrought jealousy amongst the religious hierarchy. They were arrested and placed in jail and then supernaturally freed. After being re-arrested and jailed they are called to give an account. They were not afraid and acknowledged it was all the working of the Lord and made their opponents feel guilty at their actions, refusing to back down before them.

There was the intention of having them killed but the Lord had, in His wisdom, determined to rescue them by a Pharisee, Gamaliel by name. He was used by God to act on His servants behalf. He stood up and offered some sound, clear counsel that was readily accepted and so worked in favour of the apostles. In summary, he said, “If these men are saying and doing things of their own ideas, such will die, but if such be of God then it will be unstoppable and such would put them in a serious state” – v39. The advice was taken. To have rejected this counsel would have landed them in real trouble.

God’s people have no need to fear as they speak His truth and do His work as He has determined. Even though severe opposition arises and has to be faced, the Lord can turn things round to the advantage of His messengers and workers. He possesses the authority to use even those in the opposition to act to the good of His own and produce a major turn around. Do not be hesitant to make your stand for Christ for He will be with you to make you a bold witness for Him. If need be, He will provide all the necessary defence and save you from any evil intended.