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May 14th


Rev. E. Anderson



There are many things that come across your daily pathway to take you off course and to remove Christ from being King and Lord over all. Be conscious of this fact. Be prepared in prayer and faith to resist all the overtures of the world, Satan and the flesh to bring about a spiritual collapse. He who has sustained you thus far is capable of seeing you right through to the ultimate conquest. And it will be worth it all!


All men naturally desire knowledge; but what availeth knowledge without the fear of God?


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘joy’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. Those who really know and relate to God believe in His supreme power, that He can do anything. God the Father desires that His offspring through Christ will know how to perform in similar fashion.


The first disciples knew what it was to be encountered by Christ and introduced into a glorious relationship with God the Father through Him. He came to make Him known and to build the inspired bond between heaven and earth. Three of the disciples got a taste of this in Matthew 17: 1-13 when they were taken up a mount and had a special disclosure of Christ in a heavenly setting and communion. They were in on this and they were to discover and know for themselves in an on-going experience with Christ. Their union and communion with God became intensified and joy increased.

Two men on a journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus following Christ’s death were also to find out there was a dynamic relationship to be experienced and enjoyed and expanded upon – Luke 24:13-35. The resurrected Christ met them at a very low point but because of His input they began to be and feel differently. He was no longer dead in tomb but alive to create a bond of fellowship with heaven that would take them onward and upward the rest of their days. The joy was to remain with them and be a means of inspiration for the rest of their lives.

When you know Christ as your living Lord and sense His presence and company, ordinary days and happenings become alive and exuberant in and through Him. Begin to know and enjoy having Christ with you make a constant contribution to the happiness of your faith, life and service. He gives fullness of pleasure and delight and makes life worth living.



This is what Peter assured the people who listened to His preaching of the Christian message following the dramatic healing of the crippled man. He states in that “times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord” – v19. Having turned to God from their sins and evil ways in and through Christ, this will make it possible for the Lord to begin to bless them continually in increasing measure. As God’s grace reorients their lives, they will enter into a greater phase of life and a new future of blessing.

He does not simply speak of a time or season of blessing. It is in the plural: ‘times.’ The Lord will always be introducing a new period where fresh things will occur that will be for their advancement and enrichment. It will not be a static or stagnant relationship and experience but one that will both heighten and deepen in the manifestation of wonderful blessings both of Himself and from Himself. They are to anticipate the untold delight of always being refreshed by the Lord in life and not settle down in a mediocre situation. There was always much more to be known.

Be aware of the truth and fact that when the Lord regenerated you by His Spirit and brought you into His household of faith, it was with this in mind: to ever know the means of untold blessing to your life. Having repented of sin, you are now in the order of His favour and goodness. Live in the expectations of the Lord within your affairs. As you see His will and programme unveiled personally, it is with this in view, that continually there will be the grand opening up of it in His fulness.




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