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May 12th


Rev. E. Anderson



Living a humble life like Christ is the best way to live. It is the way that is acceptable to heaven and in the end is justly and quietly rewarded without ado. Humility saves from getting a wrong estimation and acting in a manner that is displeasing to one and all. God’s grace will be around today to afford the wisdom and strength to act in such a manner that will keep you in the right attitude and performing in a quiet manner. It saves from blowing your own and other’s trumpet, too, and secures from disaster! You help others to be humble in a good manner thus securing their blessedness.


It is vanity to mind only this present life, and not to make provision for those things which are to come.



Christ has placed you within God’s family that you might taste the blessing of His grace and goodness. It is His plan to favour you in ways that will bless and make you a blessing to the fellowship. You are to become a spiritual asset and to receive gifts by the Holy Spirit that will be a source of inspiration to others within the body. Yes, you have some very good natural gifts that need to be known and fully exploited to the well being of other members of the Christian community.

In 1 Corinthians 12, however, Paul teaches and identifies that there are other abilities to be received as an extra from the Holy Spirit that when used will serve the good of fellow believers. There are nine gifts identified in vv4-11. When the Holy Spirit is manifested and ministering He brings choice gifts and blessings of a heavenly factor that are a boon and blessing. For instance, He can give supernatural revelation through a word of wisdom and knowledge, an experience of healing and miracles, an inspired prophetic words and the ministry of tongues allied to the gift of interpretation that is apt to those in need. Church gatherings should be the occasion of inspired ministry!

Each person is responsible to God to be in the place where the Holy Spirit can move in and through them when in fellowship in the Christian gatherings. It is important that you wait on Him and believe He will impart to you such quality abilities so that you can serve other saints in a positive way. Do not be idle or unbelieving but press through until you are lifted into greater usefulness and blessedness



There are a number of things in this chapter that the Lord God brought to pass in relation to His prophetic Word. In the first instance, in relation to Christ, He was crucified, raised from the dead and exalted to the Father’s right hand as the sovereign Head of a new race of beings. Now He is in the unique position of holding rule and government over all His regenerated people in succeeding generations. The Father shows what He thinks of Him by bestowing the gift of the great anointing of the Holy Spirit. He is in the right position with all divine authority.

Secondly, a further prophetic promise is brought to pass in the gift of the Holy Spirit being granted to His Church on earth. Christ shares the blessing of the anointing with His body of believers and so the Pentecostal baptism of life and power was released. All on that remarkable, historic day were filled with the Holy Spirit – v4. It was a sign that the last days were now ushered in – v7. The day became momentous and dynamic because of this event and experience. It was a seal and also a token to set the tone for the whole of Christianity.

This is what the Lord desires to do for all who come to real faith in Him. The word then – “This promise is to you and your children, and even to the Gentiles, all who have been called by the Lord” – v39. The Lord wants this unique blessing to be yours so that you may enter into a life and work inspired by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. You can only serve Him in favour and acceptably when you continually experience the anointing of His Spirit. It is yours for today!