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May 11th

 ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson



Of all the virtues to be possessed that enriches the being and personality besides love, it is that of humility. No wonder Jesus set at the forefront of the beatitudes. The human spirit tends to pride and egotism and such must be avoided because it spoils the individual. Whilst we must thank, appreciate and praise one another when it is right, we must avoid doing them harm by feeding unwittingly their ego that may do them harm. Pride, the opposite is difficult to dispose of!


It is vanity to live long, and not to care to live well.



If there is one thing that God wants you to do, it is to lay hold of and see transacted in your earthly journey the promises of God. They are to be viewed and known as a rich legacy given by the heavenly Father to those who now make up His family of sons in Christ. He has placed you in Christ so that you may enjoy every blessing that has been laid up for you in Him. Let no question or doubt possess your mind and spirit in relation to them.

The vast promises indicate and assure that God has got you covered for life with respect to all your requirements. All the promises are for you and reveal that God wills to step into your life and affairs as your rich Father to work both the ordinary and extraordinary. Take time to know and underline what He purposes to bring about through His favour and power now within your life. It is more than the promise of heaven for the future but in the immediate He wills to do good things.

There is no need to live in negativity and fear. Do not live bereaved but blessed with all the assurances of heaven. He has promised never to leave or forsake you, to meet all your need according to His riches in glory, to answer your prayers, to fulfil the desires He has put within you, and so on. Whilst on your way to heaven enjoy heaven here below by enjoying the legacy left for you in Christ. It is there to be drawn upon!



God gives an assurance on the individual level. He says: “But to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a humble spirit, and trembleth at My word” – v2. No uncertainty exists as He declares the kind of people He is looking for and the ones that will command His attention, affection and benediction. One translator puts it: “I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts…” The reason why God observes our life is in order to out-pour His grace on those whose spirits are right. Those who have immense respect for Him and His Word gain His consideration.

In turn, it means knowing and experiencing in fullest measure His blessing in and on life. This healthy fear of the Lord paved the way for Him to come down and dispense multiple blessing. He desired to bless each one spiritually, physically, mentally, morally, materially etc. They were to enjoy His good hand being open and filled with choice gifts that would make their existence delightful. The reward for their proper attitude of being would consummate in the outstanding good things of the Lord expressed in a bountiful manner and measure.

The principle still exists. As you set this spiritual rule in operation, it will be known that God still honours those who give utmost attention to Him and to His revealed Word. In pleasing Him at all times, He will compensate you with untold tokens of His love and goodness. A man of God came to Eli and stated God’s Word in similar terms: “for them that honour Me I will honour, and they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed” – 1 Samuel 2: 20. Putting God in His rightful place and revering Him at all times, and His Word, leads to the total enrichment of life. It could not be better.


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