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May 7th


Rev. E. Anderson



It is so essential to know and maintain a freshness of relationship with God your Father and to receive His daily input into your life. You are only go to make it and become fully matured and developed as He has designed through this daily procedure. Christ is your example in this. The reason why He lived with such grace and gift and did so much good was due to this constant modus operandi. This was number one priority and ensured His status and blessedness. It will do the same for you. 


What will avail you to be engaged in profound reasonings concerning the Trinity, if you be void of humility, and thereby displeasing to the Trinity? Surely great words do not make a man Holy and just, but a virtuous life make the Him dear to God.


It follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘possesss’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. He calls those who He has specially called into His chosen Family to inherit, to possess things here and now tht will make all the difference to their life and life-style here and now. Israel, for instance, was called to ‘possess her possessions’. It is important to know what God our father desires us to possess in and through Christ.


Christ taught an outstanding religious, Jewish leader that his main requirement was to be born anew by God in order to come into God’s Family. He was greatly impressed by Christ and considered Him to be a quality person worth knowing but Christ challenged him with the message: “You must be born again” – John 3: 7. If he was to know the reality of God and heaven and be a part of God’s new creation, in the heavenly kingdom on earth, then he must experience something from heaven coming inside of him to change his nature, life and destiny.

Being inquisitive and making inquiry was not enough. He must go through a divine transformation that came through the agency of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Being a religious leader amongst the Jewish people was inadequate. God must do something special and unique inside of him whereby he knew the pleasure of two births, one natural, the other spiritual. Natural birth meant he received a earthly life and nature that was related to the natural world. Receiving Christ into his life and His work of salvation through His death on the Cross and His resurrection life, he could be born from above and possess a heavenly nature and life. God would be his Father and life on earth would now be interpreted and inspired from a different source.

It is essential to possess and know this blessing of being born into God’s Family. Once Christ is received and believed in, He births His own spirit and character within and so personally aids in the manifestation of a greater and more dynamic life. Instead of being governed by earth their guidance and inspiration imparted by heaven and life is lived in a greater and more fulfilling manner. As you make this your possession it possesses you and you know it!



The prophet is given an awesome sight of the Lord and He has a tremendous announcement to make – v1. He beholds Him in royal and majestic garments but they are greatly stained blood red as He has gone through an awful conflict. When asked for reason of the blemished garments he is informed that that they are the result of a single-handed battle where He was crushed but turned out Victor and not victim. He affirms: “I have trodden the winepress alone; no one was there to help Me” – v3. These words identify the work of Christ wrought out on the Cross for man.

The Cross was and still is in divine vision an awesome sight. It revealed a kingly person of divine nature executing a tremendous ministry by means of suffering and death. Whilst He was in point of fact being bruised and crushed, at the same time, He was permanently and eternally bruising and crushing God’s and man’s enemies, Satan and the powers of evil. They were more bloodied and humiliated than He as He subjected them to utter ruin and defeat. This is the revelation that it is seen about this most awesome event. Christ vanquished His enemies in His death,

It is essential to constantly ponder what Christ did by means of His contest with wicked forces on the Cross. Through His own personal encounter with Satan, He slew our foe and obtained salvation for us by means of His sufferings and death – Hebrews 2: 14, 15. In His resurrected and ascended glory He is now visualized as the Conqueror who was not afraid to face such an onslaught and to trample on all the evil hosts in supreme victory. His bloodied attire reveals His success