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May 6th

Rev. E. Anderson



Never forget that the Lord is concerned not only about the numbers and anointing in His Church family, but about its essential unity. All of His servants and people are responsible for knowing and maintaining it. If there are people you need to be reconciled with, and then make sure you seize the opportunity of being at one. The Christian Church is more than a sociable club where you choose your friends and sideline others: you must learn to love all without exception and work for the good of all. It is a tall order but one that Christ commands and calls for!


“Have two goals – that is, knowing and doing right- and common sense.  Don’t let them slip away; for they fill you with living energy, they are a feather in your cap. They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail. With them on guard you can sleep without fear; you need not be afraid f disaster or the plots of wicked men, for the Lord is with you; He protects you” – Proverbs 3:21-26 Living Bible



Peter had witnessed so many impossible things occurring in the life and ministry of Christ. He came into the situation where he had been immensely used in performing some outstanding things himself. In fact, the Bible affirms that when the Christian Church was founded, impossible things happened through Peter and John. In the course of his ministry, when even his show passed over sick people they were made whole and well.

He was in a tough spot in Acts 12. He had been arrested and Herod’s intention was to have him martyred. The Lord appeared to leave it to the last moment to intervene and provide an amazing escape from prison – Acts 12. The angel had to wake him up and put everyone else to sleep and then cause the prison door to open of its own accord. The root word in this connection is ‘automaton’. It is the first instance recorded of its use. No key was needed and as Peter approached it swung wide open to let him out. What a deliverance!

The Lord has the key and answer to every problematic and threatening situation even now. You may feel locked up in circumstances that would predict your demise. Cheer up! It is no problem to the Almighty! He has in mind a plan by which He can and will provide a supernatural exit. It is time for you to trust Him and allow Him to work in and through the evil in a supernatural manner. He is going work the impossible for you, today. 


Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. Carolyn Gold Heilbrun



There is the promise given of untold blessing for this people that had of and by the Lord. So many things were prophesied in prospect of what was going to be their future wholeness and prosperity. All the signs were good. But it wasn’t simply to be left to divine promise. It was needful that there rise up within their ranks those who would fulfil an important role of being the Lord’s watchmen, given themselves to a sacred task. They would have a responsibility to carry out to make good God’s word.

In vv6, 7, these watchmen were to be people of prayer and the subject matter of their praying is stated – “they will pray to the Lord day and night for the fulfilment of His promises.” Their vision and passion will be joined to that of the Lord in seeing Jerusalem and His people made a real praise to God in the earth. Prayer would turn the promise to reality. They, in prayer, were to become partners in bringing the glorious dream into actuality. In seeking His face and in expressing their intense longings in accord with what He had revealed, they would see all accomplished.

In the life and growth of Christendom prayer has an important function. The Lord seeks to lay hold of Christians who will become His spiritual watchmen and thus wield a powerful influence in bringing about the promises of Christ through them. He has ordained through the intercession and mediation of prayer that great things will be wrought in the affairs of men. Perhaps you are hearing that summons and call to intercede; to get into the holy place and beseech Him for the enactment of His glorious promises. You can see God at work as you give yourself to this task.









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