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May 5th

Rev. E. Anderson



In a world of fake factors and untrue statements it is easy to be hoaxed and believe what is wrong. The reason why God gave you a mind was in order to think with and sort out the genuine from the false. You need to have a balanced sense of judgment and not be too hasty in coming to conclusions. Someone wise gave the advice – ‘Withhold judgment until you have heard all the evidence’. It saves from misunderstanding and making mistakes!


“Wisdom is a tree of life to those who eat her fruit; happy is the man who keeps on eating it” – Proverbs 3; 18 Living Bible                     



Things were extremely difficult for God’s people in Gideon’s day. They were really under the oppression of the Midianites. It was a very painful, excruciating time and this young man, Gideon, was none too pleased with what was happening. He is accosted by an angel and called ‘mighty man of valour’ – 6:12. He felt anything but and made his sudden visitor see how matters stood in relation to his subjugated people.

He receives a call to give a positive lead and to begin to believe and expect for divine intervention. He timidly nails his colours to the mast in showing allegiance to the Lord and in return the Lord sets him up to become a powerful leader and conqueror. Through a reduction in his forces to 300 men, he takes on a multitude that is opposed. The Lord was on his side and that was all that mattered because the vast opposition was reduced to total impotence and the impossible happened. The nation was free from the evil yoke of bondage!

In these last and evil days the Lord calls you to conquest. Although victimised by Saant and people, you are to start to trust the Lord, to hear His summons, receive His assurances and enter the contest. You are yet to see those that are a formidable set against you reduced to nothing as you work with and in accord with the Lord. Now is the time to record your greater victories and give testimony to the great things he is bringing to pass in and through you.


When I walk with you I feel as if I had a flower in my buttonhole – William Makepeace Thackeray



How essential it is to be rightly attired in life for all of life’s occasions! The Lord assures that He wills to see His people dressed in the best possible garments He has made available. His purpose was to see them re-robed. They were clothed in the filthy rags of their own unrighteousness – (Isaiah 64: 4) and He was desirous of graciously giving them new garments of His own making so that they would be most presentable. Instead of trusting in their own works and doings they had to learn to trust and live within His gracious life and dealings of righteousness.

The divine dress is compared to that of a bridegroom or bride beautifully clothed in a wedding suit or dress being admired by all. The Lord has woven the garments for the special occasion of His own people being forever united with Him in beauty and holiness. He likes to see those in accord with Himself so fitted out. There came the occasion when He saw Joshua the high priest in disgraceful garments and so issued the order out for him to receive both a cleansing and clothing so that he could function in an honourable role – (Zechariah 3).

Christ’s death and resurrection has provided the means by which man can be both divinely cleansed and clothed. Through His blood there is perfect cleansing and through His resurrection there is a clothing with His life and nature of righteousness. Make sure that you are truly attired by God as you commence this day and so you will be able to live in divine righteousness. You will be Christ’s bride reflecting something of His beauty – (Isaiah 62: 4, 5).








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