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May 1st


Rev. E. Anderson



The promises of God contained in the Scriptures are for your possession and realisation. Because you are a son of God, you are entitled to the rich legacy of the assurances that God your Father has made for you and laid them up in Christ your Lord and Saviour. Because you are in His kingdom now, you are therefore the blessed beneficiary of every good thing God has vouched in His Word. So today, know what He has assured and begin to live in the assurance and all the things He has predicted will be yours. Paul said: ‘All things are yours’.


 “Don’t be conceited, sure of your own wisdom,. Instead, trust and reverence the Lord, and turn your back on evil; when you do that, then you will be given renewed heath and vitality” – Proverbs 3; 7,8 Living Bible


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘possibility’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. Those who really know and relate to God believe in His supreme power, that He can do anything. God the Father desires that His offspring through Christ will know how to perform in similar fashion.


A man in late life, Abraham, discovered that God could bring about the impossible at a late stage in his affairs. He was to discover that at an incredible time, God could step in to perform an absolute miracle. He had reached 75 years of age and there had been no baby in their home and he was most disappointed. However, coming to know God made a difference! The Almighty spoke and stated that Sara his wife, who was past child-bearing, would present him with a son and it was needful for him to believe – Genesis 15;4.

Faith had to be created and nurtured in husband and wife over the next years which they found difficult but eventually came to trust God and His Word. They struggled for some time but every doubt was dealt with and Sarah found herself pregnant at 90 years of age. Phenomenal! It had never happened before or since! God was to show at the outset to them, their subsequent offspring and the world that He was more than able to give life where there was no life or possibility of it. He must not be under-estimated!

This recorded incident was not simply to be an historic happening, a once for all it event just to be simply remembered. No! It is to serve in the present and to act as a goad to expect God to work the miraculous for you today. God has not lost any of His capability but is at hand to perform greatly for you. Begin to expect His intervention and action and He will show up and demonstrate His power and goodness to you now.


I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else – John Keats



The Lord deliberately declares where He takes up residence. Besides abiding and reigning in heaven, He desires to make His home in the contrite and humble hearts of individuals – v15. Although He is the Almighty, majestic and glorious in every way, He takes enormous pleasure in entering and occupying the lives of people that really want Him to dwell with them. In no way does He despise such a lowly habitation. The intention here is to make His people conscious of the fact of both His greatness and humility. It is up to those who desire it to welcome Him in and enjoy the blessedness and benefits of such a Host.

The idea of His entrance and dwelling is with noble aspiration: “To refresh the humble and give new courage to those with repentant hearts” – v15. He is the greatest resource of renewal so that life with all of its requirements will be met and ministered to by Him. The people are not to be bankrupted and reduced to poverty because of His presence; rather, there is to be a rich and continual ministry of the Lord into every area of need. He who made everything is to be inside and alongside making sure that all His people will know Him and experience His goodness.

It is your privilege to make room for the Lord in your heart and in so doing will know the wonder of His person and the wealth that He affords. The conditions, however, are still the same and have to be right. The humble have a true opinion of themselves and make certain that pride does not get a look in. There is also recognition of the fantastic worth of having and knowing the Lord as permanent resident exercising His influence on all matters. Give Him the rights over your life and always enjoy His personal company and ministry.