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April 30th 


Rev. E. Anderson



Do not rest on your laurels good, great and outstanding as they have been. They are but the platform for something bigger and better. As you maintain a state of faith and humility you will move on and see something more beneficial born and developed that will advance the blessedness of others. Your growth and accomplishments are in order to stir and stimulate others, to cause nthem to see that they can follow your inspiring example.


“In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct and crown your efforts with success” – Proverbs 3: 6 Living Bible



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. A good word in Christian thought and experience is ‘possibility’ and this refers primarily to the knowledge and understanding that God seeks to impart to those who have a daily dynamic accord with Him. Those who really know and relate to God believe in His supreme power, that He can do anything. God the Father desires that His offspring through Christ will know how to perform in similar fashion.

The fundamental faith and knowledge that is to possess those who truly know God is that with Him “all things are possible”. Christ always spoke the truth and this is one thing He really affirmed – Mark 11:27. Within His life, ministry and vocabulary He permitted no doubt on this issue. It was a settled conviction and a truth that had to be made known to all men so that likewise they would be not only persuaded of the fact but know and live in the experience of it.

The Bible opens on this theme and revelation that God is omnipotent as seen in the creation of the world. Mankind is left in no doubt at the outset that He Master-minded and outworked the beginning of all things in relation to the material worlds and to man himself Genesis 1-3. He required no outside from anyone or anything but by His omnipotent, all-powerful word spoke all into being. Man himself, an intricate creation, came from the hands of the all creative genius and architect, God. Man himself is a walking wonder and a living revelation as to what God can do.


As you consider your own being and make-up, sense that you exist, formed by a skilled hand and mind and that He wills to work His wonders in and through you. The reason Christ has come into your life is in order that you might taste and see the extraordinary goodness and greatness of God. In union and communion with God your Father, there is no reason why your faith and expectation level cannot increase and be fulfilled. Big things are to happen in and through His sons. At this season of life, He that created and re-creates you in Christ is in order that you might enjoy the impossible occurring in your affairs, now.


A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul –  Minna Antrim



The subject matter of these verses focus attention on the fulness of God’s blessing. It gives indication and assurance of the heart and mind of God in seeking to truly enhance the lives of all. Commencing with His elect people Israel, He states that as they act in righteousness to Him and each other then they will know in a marked manner and measure His wonderful blessings. He really wanted them to experience His goodness in every way and on every hand. It was up to them if it was to be.

The Lord even goes further and makes known that His thoughts were not just on the Chosen Race: it embraced the Gentiles, too.  It is obvious from v3 – “And my blessings are for Gentiles, too.” From this it is appreciated that the Lord always has had in mind and intention to bless the world of nations. There is, of course, a condition – “when they commit themselves to the Lord.” They were not to think that they were outside a possible dynamic relationship with Him and of enjoying His blessing. It is important to know, the heart of God that is not restrained in His love for all.

The wonderful purpose of bringing people into a close relationship with Him as Father through Christ is in order to inaugurate manifold blessings. He is the blessed Father that seeks to bless His new household of faith. In Ephesians 1: 3 the word affirms – “who has blessed us with every blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.” This applies to Jew and Gentile as Paul makes clear. The Lord wants you to thrive under His care and benediction. In your earthly journey He would crown you and every day with His boundless grace and favour. Expect His best always.





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