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April 21st


Rev. E. Anderson



As you face each new day not knowing its contents, know this, the Lord in whose hands you are, does, and is capable of strengthening, guiding you and providing all that is essential to make it remarkable, providential and beneficial. At its conclusion, note His input and give Him thanksgiving, so you will set yourself up for something bigger the next day with Him.


Learn to listen well from others as to what they are saying and not to be persistent in your own talking and speech making.  Remember God gave you two ears and one mouth!  As you adopt this attitude you will gain friends and also have a more captive audience when you share your mind and heart. It will be to the mutual benefit of all.                   


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘patience” If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of where there is a demand for a great deal of patience. It is that superb quality that brings calm, composure and balance and enables a person to wait and plan for the outworking of factors to highest good. The sin of impatience often ruins things and the person concerned. So it is a factor that such figure high in our thoughts and creation.


It was quite a thing when Christ called two brothers to be His disciples and future apostles can called them ‘sons of thunder’ – Mark 3: 17. One cannot think it being a complimentary term. James and John it would appear were rather o0f an explosive nature and at times could show it. They were evidently soon annoyed and angry and could explode in words that wer not too good. Christ is on His way to Jerusalem and passing the way of the Samaritans they were not too friendly -Luke 9: 53. They were switched off and did not desire anything to do with professed Messiah.

These brothers were immediate and ready that judgment should immediately poured out from above – v54. They did not have any good feelings for this seeming low-born race and was quick to will their demise. The Lord taught them much in this showing their wrong and making clear he was into something bigger and better than reproach and revenge. This attitude would make these called men to see how bad there attitude was and the need for change in them. The grace of God did work and as a consequence the venom went out of them and they became men and ministers of grace and good will.

The epistles of John underline the outstanding change that took place in him to write such inspiring, promotional words of love. He had been transformed to see people from a different angle and to address them in a kind and loving fashion. What an example he turned out to be! So the grace of God can work in you so that bad feelings and temper is effectively dealt with. Being sions of god there is the need to reflect the disposition of Christ by being more than people who really test your patience.


Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. John Ruskin


UNDER DIVINE TUITION – Isaiah 48: 12-22

This is evidently a very important word that the divine messenger had to pass on to His people. He utters, “And now the Sovereign LORD and His Spirit have sent me with this message” – v16. Besides affirming His supreme rule over them He indicates that He is to be their Teacher showing them what is good and to guide them in the right ways. They had to begin to realize that it was important for them to take on board the fact they could have no better Leader and Counsellor in charge of their lives and affairs. He is making a real plea that they will really begin to take notice v18.

He acquaints them with the news that He not only will free them but also make sure that they will be wholly taken care of as they make their journey back home from Babylon. He who had safely secured the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land in earlier times would do the same again. But, as then, they must come under His tuition at all times. Their future lay in His hands and in His wise government. Therefore it was imperative that they live listening and learning from Him. He was not a slave-driver, rather, a caring Father and Educator that planned their blessedness.

The purpose of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is to come under His loving and wise tutelage. Not only does He will to save from the past legacy of sin and evil, He also desires to instruct us in the ways that will release from the power of evil and lead into a life of dynamic righteousness and goodness. As you daily submit to Him, His Spirit and Word, so you will be in His College of divine further education that will cause your present living to be positive and productive.





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