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April 20th  


Rev. E. Anderson



You live in a world of constant change and it is easy to keep abreast with what is taking place at this level. But never forget you are the Lord’s constant work and He will not be satisfied until He has transformed you completely into the likeness of His Son. He has not simply saved you to forgive you of your sin, place you in His family, given hopes of heaven, His real desire and design is that He will behold the glorious image and portrait of His beautiful Son in you forever. Let that inspire all the changes that are still needed.


Make sure that you are making the best and wisest investments that bring in the best eternal gains and returns. Christ and His kingdom are the greatest and the wise go with Him.                   


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘patience” If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of where there is a demand for a great deal of patience. It is that superb quality that brings calm, composure and balance and enables a person to wait and plan for the outworking of factors to highest good. The sin of impatience often ruins things and the person concerned. So it is a factor that such figure high in our thoughts and creation.


Most know the story of Job, which actually occurred, in order to assist others in suffering and to gain the virtue of patience and strong faith amidst such. From observation, it didn’t seem right that an individual of Job’s nature, character and standing should have to encounter this kind of thing. He was true, loving God and others and yet subjected to awful physical and spiritual torture.

Behind the scenes we get the one responsible for this brutal attack, Satan. He did not like Job or God and wanted to see this accord broken. He got his ideas wrong about God and Job. He thought if he could really put pressure on Job through affliction, he would turn him away from love and loyalty of God. He also thought that God would not permit Job to be put through such a horrid ordeal. He got his sums wrong. In remarkable manner Job was able to keep his faith and spirit intact and see all to a great conclusion.

The end of the day he is brought into a richer and greater state all because the path of suffering was truly negotiated – see chapter 42. He is compensated by the Lord in a bountiful fashion thus showing that sufferings can lead to immense compensations. It was Satan that suffered the set back. Learn the lesson and also prove and know the workings of the Lord. Who knows what the Lord has in mind and store for you in terms of blessing as you persevere in good faith!


Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift. Albert Einstein



This is the charge that the Lord brings against His own people. He calls on them to listen to what He has to say about their nature and it is not very complimentary. In all His dealings with them over a long stretch of time He had observed this streak within their beings. Throughout the centuries He had spoken and encouraged them to hearken to His directions but they had continually wanted to do their own thing. He says in v4 “I know how stubborn and obstinate you are. Your necks are as unbending as iron. You are as hardheaded as bronze.” There was a spiritual resistance in them that rebelled against His desires and will for their highest good.

The reason why He speaks plainly and bluntly is to show them what they really are so that they will repent and amend their ways. It was now time to face up to themselves and see how guilty they were of this charge and to be completely altered in their relationship with Him. The time for refinement had come where this inbred and consistent evil is dealt with once and for all. No longer should they go making promises and oaths they had no intention of keeping. If they got rid of this malignant and cancerous evil then the future would be full of great prospects.

Examination of the spiritual life reveals that this is a wickedness that still seeks to gain room and advantage. Samuel the prophet shows how serious this sin is when confronting king Saul. He proclaimed: “For rebellion is the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry” – 1 Samuel 15: 23. It can put on a mere show of obedience but in point of fact is classified as obstinacy of an awful kind. Every child of God must seek to develop a submissive and responsive spirit and action to the Lord in everything.  In your loving obedience lies your divine happiness.


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