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April 19th  


Rev. E. Anderson



There will always be the call in your relationship with the Lord to move and step out in faith. To please Him and to know His constant approval and blessing means that your confidence in Him must grow and become strong through each passing day and experience. Be assured, He will not fail to live up to the expectations He has given you. The growing testimony of your days on earth will be of his faithfulness and what he has wrought and there will be no disappointment.


To develop your faith make sure you spend time becoming conversant with the rich promises the Lord has vouchsafed to you.  They are your inheritance to be possessed in this life. He has covered you for every contingency.


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘patience” If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of where there is a demand for a great deal of patience. It is that superb quality that brings calm, composure and balance and enables a person to wait and plan for the outworking of factors to highest good. The sin of impatience often ruins things and the person concerned. So it is a factor that such figure high in our thoughts and creation. PATIENCE TO HOLD FAST


Ziklag became a very tough spot for David on one occasion. It should have been the place, where having been rejected by the Philistines and sent on his way back home, having got there is should have been pleasurable and joyful to be welcomed by loved ones. Instead, he found the place had been ransacked and burnt and all the people taken captive. It was awkward, embarrassing and threatening because his own men were of a mind to stone him – v6. The situation required delicate handling!

He was wise, gracious and patient and knew there was only the Lord could sought this out. It was an issue that required His help and intervention and so he held fast to the Lord amidst the upheaval. Using the priest who was an  appointed intermediary, he humbly submitted to the Lord and placed the issue before Him. He was not to be rejected but found that He was thre to be inquired of and to be given the required revelation and assistance. He received a sure promise – he would recover all

Eventual events proved how much the Lord had been to looking after the captives and possessions. The thing turned out to David’s advantage because more was gained than ever had been lost. Patience brought about glorious returns. His men would sense how much the Lord was with their leader. Tragedy does not mean the end of things but the time to patiently seek the Lord and turn it over to Him. Out of the worst of circumstances He can and does bring forth the greatest of consequences


Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ Robin Williams



No one ever thought that Babylon would fall and cease to be a kingdom; but it happened. This nation had risen to great heights of power and supremacy. No one would have predicted that it would come crashing down and be subjected to such a humiliating condition.  The prophet precisely forecasts by the Lord that this will take place thus proving His ability to proclaim ahead of time what will be.  It looked preposterous to say the least, but the word came to pass. That which appeared invincible and invulnerable was brought low. The mighty fell.

An explanation is given as to why this was to be. Babylon had been merciless in its treatment of God’s people to the point that the elderly were made to carry heavy burdens and they never thought that such had been taken note of. Beside this, it had become very proud and arrogant displaying a superior attitude to all other nations. She said, “I will reign for ever as queen of the world!” – v7. What a fatal assumption! These evil acts eventually led to her complete overthrow and undoing. Her cruel, pitiless and big-headed attitude sealed her fate before God.

It is essential to know that these wicked factors persisting at a personal and national level will produce the same consequences. The lesson of history for all to learn is that being hardhearted, conceited and haughty does lead to disaster. How necessary it is to see that these sins are not allowed to germinate and generate within the heart and life. The Lord likes to see people honoured with a sense of dignity and grace that arises from the establishment of godly principles of conduct ordering the life in everything. The humble are the ones He exalts.



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