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April 17th  


Rev. E. Anderson



No sooner had Christ risen from the dead but He joined two of His disciples on the Emmaus road to show and prove it. So He comes, now, to you, to make known the fact that He is still around and wills to share the fullness of His being and blessings so that today and everyday will be increasingly enriched. Do no miss out on His company and companionship, today.


Christ did not die and rise from the dead to simply create an Easter holiday. No, it was to create the basis and blessing of constant holy-days in the life of the Christian. Such is the fountain of all happiness and blessedness. 

Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘patience” If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of where there is a demand for a great deal of patience. It is that superb quality that brings calm, composure and balance and enables a person to wait and plan for the outworking of factors to highest good. The sin of impatience often ruins things and the person concerned. So it is a factor that such figure high in our thoughts and creation.


After a long and gruelling ordeal in many ways, light shone into Joseph’s mind and he could perceive all that the Lord had been doing and working out not just for himself, but for his close family. He sees divine sense and knows now how God has worked in all the drama, difficulty and detail to bring about not simply his promotion but the preservation of His family, dad, brothers and family for the greater purpose he has in mind. He could say to them: v5 “God did send me before you to preserve life”.

Whilst he was important to God, he came to perceive the bigger picture. He must have been thankful and inspired to see how the Master-Planner had brought all the jig-saw pieces together to form a complete view and knowledge for all to comprehend and be delighted about. Patience was required all round in Joseph, Jacob and his brothers to ultimately appreciate there had been a strange and sure hand bringing good things to pass.

Even now you may be in that situation where there does not appear to be any sense of reason in what is occurring to you or your loved ones etc. You are somewhat baffled and bewildered by the proceedings at the moment. Nothing appears to be knitting and forming together. Let your faith rest in Him who works according to the counsel of His own will. Be sure of this: He will not fail or disappoint in the climax but will pleasantly surprise in the final unveiling.


Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Andersen



This is the true image that is asserted by God with regard to Himself. God wants it to be fully understood by His people that He is righteous and speaks the things that are right, just and fair – vv19, 28. Because of this aspect of His character alone He can be wholly trusted and depended on. There is nothing questionable in His person or ways. He cannot stand anything that is contrary to these vital qualities of character. In all of His dealings with them in the past and now in the present, He remains constant in these essential virtues.

What He has said and done for them can be believed, accepted and acted upon. In the immediate setting He is affirming beforehand that He will rescue them out of the plight they are in and so they must look expectantly for the fulfilment of His word. Their history will prove beyond doubt that He had been doing this all the time; therefore they should not doubt Him in any way. The gods of the heathen could not speak at all but He had given distinct revelation of His intentions. As they acted in accord with His word, so they would become righteous, too.

How imperative it is that the Christian believer forms a wholesome conviction about God’s character and word. He abominates any falsehood and only can declare those things that are truth so that both He and His word can be relied upon. You need to settle in your mind and heart that the Lord will only deal with you on the basis of truth and faith. You need to adopt the same stance in your relationship with Him. As you respond in this fashion to Him you will discover that He will make His righteousness known to and through you.








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