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April 15th  


Rev. E. Anderson



Today marks the beginning of a greater walk with your God, where you will get to know Him better, understand His fuller purposes for your life, when you will become more emboldened with faith and be ready to step out into a more significant and effective manner of living and service. Be up for all that he has determined and so you will look back on this day as a glorious time of impartation, challenge and readiness.


Do not eek to carry the old nature and life into the kingdom of God. Be a new person and character Christ has called and will make you to be. 


Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome

Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘suffering’. If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of suffering. It raises itself continually. Individuals, families, societies and nations have to tread it is pathway. Lots of people in each generation had wrestled with it and found it difficult to answer. The Bible reveals in the life of the saints and even God  himself has had to contend with it. However, it is not without sense or purpose and does have a role to fulfil.


Without doubt, the greatest sufferings that anyone has faced and endured are those that Jesus Christ experienced. He was put through a very fiery ordeal when he confronted His final day of His death. Before the Cross, there were  incredible moments of excruciating pains when  he was severely tortured and flogged by the soldiers. The whipping, the tearing of His flesh and beard, the foul abuse His sacred ears had to hear, the carrying of the Cross, all were piled upon Him. So awful was the affliction, He was so weakened He could not carry His Cross.

And what of the sufferings of the Cross? The terrible pain endured with the nails thumped into hands and feet, the pinioning to the Roman gibbet, the thrusting into the hole, the long ordeal of hanging there  plus the ignominy and abuse etc. If anyone’s grace and strength was tested, His were! Without anger, hatred or bitterness He bore the whole experience with dignity and fortitude. He endured all the pain with peace and good will that was extraordinary> No wonder His Cross is the place of admiration of the greatest of all men!

The great consequence of that ordeal is now to be known and shared to all the world of mankind. By it he obtained the right to grant forgiveness of sins to all mankind, to establish His kingdom, giving new life and prospect to those who received His Saviour-hood and Lordship. The travail He passed through was effectual and opened the door to eternal relationship and blessedness to the sons of men. The sufferings are now over and H lives to rule and give full attention to all who trust him.



The Lord draws a startling contrast here between the fact of idols and Himself, the only true and living God. His people need to see things as they truly are so that the idea, system and practice of idolatry is purged completely from their midst. Vividly He portrays the way a wooden idol is produced from a tree and which cannot in any way breathe or converse. Wood from the same tree is used to make fire to keep them warm or to make meals or bread on. The remark is made – “Such stupidity and ignorance!” v18.  Also, “He feedeth on ashes” –v20. It is a foolish carry on.

How different to their God! He has the power to speak and do all things. Throughout, His prophets have forecasted the future correctly and they can rely upon what He declared. Their history proved beyond down that at all times He had predicted the truth and so could rely upon His word. They need not look elsewhere to anyone or anything because He was their true Shepherd and Guide. Now there is the naming beforehand of Cyrus, a foreign king, who would help them – v28

All that the Christian believer requires now for guidance and direction comes from God and His Word, the Scriptures. The Bible leads to both a knowledge of Him and gives the essential information and instruction in life and on life. It speaks with inspiration and light so that all may be properly and perfectly supervised in what to believe, how to behave and in the making of character and the release of life’s whole potential. You do not need to turn to anyone else but to Him for direction.











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