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April 11th 


Rev. E. Anderson



Engagement – a very important word that must be daily applied. It is not enough, as Christ taught, to hear and understand, there must be application, the putting into action of what has been said and correctly taught. It is those who do in line with God’s gracious directives that will be rewarded and approved. So make sure that you are intelligently and spiritually inspired and act in accordance with such and so you will be blessed and justified.


Listen to the wise words from God, parents, friends, and godly and seek to carry through what is wisely taught, so you will become wise and be able to rightly teach others all that is good and best.


Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘suffering’. If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of suffering. It raises itself continually. Individuals, families, societies and nations have to tread it is pathway. Lots of people in each generation had wrestled with it and found it difficult to answer. The Bible reveals in the life of the saints and even God  himself has had to contend with it. However, it is not without sense or purpose and does have a role to fulfil.


Lots of people have been battered, bruised and bleeding but have come out of such wonderfully blessed. Amongst the great list of sufferers was a woman named Hannah. She wanted a baby desperately but was denied such for years. Her opposite number and her sorrow multiplied. Peninnah was the opposite. She bore children easily and was quite abusive to Hannah in her state which only intensified her pain.

Thankfully Hannah knew what to do in her barren condition. Only the Lord could turn her captivity and make her womb fruitful. She resorted to prayer believing this was the way to secure her desire. It was a long vigil and after one painful session she is somewhat rewarded with an assured word from Eli the priest. The baby was rightly named- Samuel, answer to prayer.

Be assured there is still power in prayer. If you are sensing a real battering and beating, take the issue in faith to the Lord. He knows what you are contending with and would encourage you amidst it that He can and will more than deal with it. May I say: the answer is on the way so why nyt turn your praying into praising and see the miracle that is to be yours.


A FOCUS ON CHRIST – Isaiah 42: 1-9

Attention is now to be focussed on the One who is to be Israel’s real Deliverer and the World’s Saviour and Lord. A prophetic revelation is given of the person who is to perform an outstanding ministry on behalf of all mankind. Portrayed in word by the prophet is the ministry of Jesus Christ, God’s special Servant to humanity. What is said beforehand reveals an individual committed to relieving the needs of the sons of men in every way. The opening remarks would suggest that everyone takes a very good look at Him and observe Him and His service – “Look at My Servant.”

He comes with a unique clothing of power to minister. There is a divine inspiration upon and within Him that enables Him to do things no other one has ever done in a gentle, kind and loving manner. He does not come seeking publicity, to be heralded by all just to make a big name for Himself. As He serves, there is a beautiful commitment to those who are all messed up in their lives, who are broken and seem to be beyond recovery. A sense of pure justice and fairness dictates His life as He labours. Above all, the Father approves His Servant in every way.

The summons is to take a further look at the One raised up to minister to all men. Jesus Christ still operates through the Holy Spirit through Christendom revealing these choice characteristics. He would lovingly and gently speak to all in their desperate need, relieving and bringing renewal to all who require the same. He chooses people who will reflect and demonstrate His nature and power in this generation. Be one of those people with His compassion, anointing and gift and serve those around as your Saviour and Master would have you to live and labour. You can continue the task that He started through His regular input in your being.




Zechariah 2

Twice in the chapter it is stated that the Lord sent and gave a message to His servant to communicate to His people. The messages were given at a time following the end of the Babylonian exile. A particular emphasis repeats itself throughout the whole of Zechariah’s prophesying that lends weight to what is being said: “This is what the Lord Almighty says”. It draws attention to the Speaker and to what is actually spoken. There is a need to sit up and take notice, to hear, understand, believe and respond to the speaker and to what is uttered. It was time for God’s people to hear the clarion call of the Lord and to show a quick mind and heart towards what he was disclosing. At this juncture He is


The time has come when as a people there should come a definite decision and action with regard all sin and evil. The message given by the earlier prophets needed to be repeated: “Turn from your evil ways and stop all your evil practices.” If there was one thing that their recent history had to tell and teach them was the fact that sin does not benefit whatsoever. It brings the devastation of divine judgement. It had become all too evident in the past seventy years and all knew that they had got their just deserts. Now was the time for a real amendment of life and set in motion that kind of life, faith and conduct that would please God and bring His favour back to them.


The vision of the horse patrols brought news that things were in a state of peace in the earth and that it was now a time of divine movement on behalf of God’s elect household. Things have got to be dramatically altered for His beloved people. Here there is the declaration of the intense love and passion that Jehovah has for His own – “My love for Jerusalem and Mount Zion is passionate and strong.” He is disturbed because of the attitude of other nations to His people and He is to take action to effect the restoration of the good fortune for His people.


The final revelation and message exposes the destruction of the powers that had brought about their desolation. The horns are symbols of heathen authorities that had put Israel to judgement. They had been merciless and wrought untold damage leaving God’s people utterly weakened and feeling a great sense of inadequacy. The tables are now to be turned and the victims are to be turned into victors. Instead of being humbled further, they are to rise and sever the horns of these powers and express their dominancy in and through the LORD Almighty. Instead of living in fear and inferiority, they are to stand up and deal with those who had treated them so shamelessly.

So the Lord comes to His Church in the end times calling for a new way of life, expressing His constancy and affection and giving back its authority.





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