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April 10th


Rev. E. Anderson



When God is in charge of your life and affairs He will bring choice things to pass that will be to the growth of your character and ministry. In submitting daily to Him and His Word, he will bring both the ordinary and extraordinary to pass. He works in both fields. You will be able to say as He speaks clearly to you in prophecy: ‘And it came to pass’. The testimony of your life will be to His unique workings and for His glory. 


The destiny for your life now and eternally is to be known in, through and by your God. He is the One that seeks best assist in bringing it to full realisation. He has

Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘suffering’. If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of suffering. It raises itself continually. Individuals, families, societies and nations have to tread it is pathway. Lots of people in each generation had wrestled with it and found it difficult to answer. The Bible reveals in the life of the saints and even God  himself has had to contend with it. However, it is not without sense or purpose and does have a role to fulfil.


Suffering is not reserved for later life when one gets old and decrepit. Joseph was to discover in his early teens and a little beyond that life could be a hard taskmaster. He thought in his earliest years all would be cushy and comfortable and he had dreams of greatness given by God buzzing in his mind and heart. Possibly he thought that all before him would fall readily and easily into place. He must have been violently shaken when there was a sudden turn of events in his life that looked disastrous.

Never did he think in his wildest dreams was he expecting to be a slave in the market of Egypt wondering how things would pan out. From being a choice son he is now an imprisoned slave up for auction. He never thought, too, that he would finish up in prison for holding to a cause of purity and righteousness. But he did! Handling the pain and anguish I n his being of wrong accusation and then having to suffer amongst the common criminals of his day was quite. The being let down by a person he really helped in his suffering.

But such proved to be stepping stones to the ultimate destiny God had in store for him. By this route he was to become the future Prime Minister of Egypt and be a real saviour to his generation. So, if you are passing through some inexplicable suffering that appears senseless, keep calm and let your trust be in the Lord to work things out.  Your ultimate destiny can be bound up in the grievous trials that reveal your true character before God. The suffering will be the making of you!


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.



Having been reduced to a state of utter weakness and impotence, the Lord now assures His people that He will come to their aid and manifest His wisdom and strength on their behalf. Their answer is not in the false gods who have no life or ability and are completely worthless. He, on the hand, has always existed and directs the affairs of the human race through each succeeding generation – vv2-4. At the present He is moving in on His elect race to demonstrate His grace and providence in remarkable ways, thus underlining His love and care.

The guarantee here in v13 is that they should not be afraid with regard to the future although there are going to be dramatic changes. He is behind them working in their interests and for their good. He is going to take them by the hand and lead them forth, preserving them in many ways and providing for all their need. At the moment they may be in a despised condition but He is to alter this and make them into an instrument of power and authority over their enemies – vv15, 16. Instead of being the tail they will be the head once again.

After the discipline of the Lord there comes the assurance of His wonderful assistance. He does not will that His children languish in defeat, dispirited and under the heel of spiritual enemies. He sounds out His prophetic word informing of His plan to send help and to change the whole situation. Look well to the Lord at this hour and discover that He intends to not only rescue you but to make you into a force to be reckoned with. With fresh inspiration He would quicken you to see and know Himself and great victories over all wicked opposition.


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