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April 9th


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘suffering’. If there is one thing that history and present day living teaches us, it is this: we live in a world of suffering. It raises itself continually. Individuals, families, societies and nations have to tread it is pathway. Lots of people in each generation had wrestled with it and found it difficult to answer. The Bible reveals in the life of the saints and even God  himself has had to contend with it. However, it is not without sense or purpose and does have a role to fulfil.


The book of Job is all about a man who had to face the very bitter trial of pain and anguish. At the outset we are informed he was a good and perfect man who loved God and hated evil. But then he becomes exposed to a bout of immense loss that was enough to break anyone to pieces. He experiences the loss of goods, family and then the loss of his own health. He is reduced to skin and bones and seemingly friendless. God allowed him to tread this road in order to teach the rest of humanity.

Job managed to keep his faith, sanity and integrity amidst all the pain and perplexity. No explanation is given and he has to wrestle and rest in the midst of the gruesome experience. A lot was said as he faced this dilemma and the great thing is he came through the test in good faith. At the end he is justified by God and a glorious restoration of his fortunes came to pass – Job 42.

It may be that this is your present lot and at the moment you cannot find a reason why it is happening to you. When it strikes at your door it becomes quite a shock and it has to be handled well. Don’t be too quick to judge yourself, others and God. It is needful to be able to somehow quieten your thoughts and emotions and wait for developments. One thing is certain, in suffering God does come to strengthen by his presence, spirit and words, assuring he is around and that this seeming evil can and will work for your good. James said: Don’t think it strange when fiery trials comes to test you” –  James 1.


Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. Thich Nhat Hanh


By the Cross of Jesus Standing

This Easter week it is good to meditate and reflect upon the work that Jesus Christ wrought for mankind on the Cross.. It was indeed the greatest day in history but it cost Christ everything. What immense sacrifice He made in more ways than one and ultimately was powerfully expressed in His sufferings and death! Christianity has its origin and dynamic in His love and this is assured forever. So let there be a thankfulness and rejoicing that He achieved so much that day for us all  on that historic day. Take to heart the words of this hymn.

Horatius Bonar was born at Edinburgh, in 1808. His education was obtained at the High School, and the University of his native city. He was ordained to the ministry, in 1837, and since then has been pastor at Kelso. In 1843, he joined the Free Church of Scotland. His reputation as a religious writer was first gained on the publication of the “Kelso Tracts,” of which he was the author. He has also written many other prose works, some of which have had a very large circulation. Nor is he less favourably known as a religious poet and hymn-writer. The three series of “Hymns of Faith and Hope,” have passed through several editions.

1/.By the cross of Jesus standing, Love our straitened souls expanding,
Taste we now the peace and grace! Health from yonder tree is flowing,
Heav’nly light is on it glowing, From the blessed Sufferer’s face.

2/. Here is pardon’s pledge and token, Guilt’s strong chain forever broken,
Righteous peace securely made; Brightens now the brow once shaded,
Freshens now the face once faded, Peace with God now makes us glad.

3/. Oh  the love of God is yonder, Love above all thought and wonder,
Perfect love that casts out fear! Strength, like dew, is here distilling,
Glorious life our souls is filling, Life eternal, only here!

4/. By  the living water welleth; here the Rock, now smitten, telleth
Of salvation freely giv’n: This the fount of love and pity,
This the pathway to the city,  This the very gate of Heav’n.



Both prophet and people were to experience an encouraging word from the Lord. Instead of passing sentence and judgment on the nation Isaiah is called upon to give an dynamic, inspired word to God’s people. He was to assure them that the time of punishment was over after knowing a long time of rejection and exile. It was time to commence afresh. A new beginning is virtually announced as the forecast is of a wonderful new future. The past is to be left behind as the Lord takes up their estate and cause.

The vital thing at this juncture is for them to get a fresh revelation and knowledge of the Lord that would lead them on to positive prospect. The messenger is called upon to unveil to this desolated and depressed people, their God – v9 “Behold your God!” He is not to be compared with the idols of their day as He was the only God and supreme above all.  They are made to see His creative and redemptive ability and shown His sublime wisdom and might. He does not weary and tire as men do but is able to refresh and renew all who draw on His nature and life.

The great requirement of many believers is to have a real sight and knowledge of God. By and through His Word and creation it is possible to gain some understanding of His greatness. The reason for this is purposed to be a means of faith and strength to those who experience this understanding. In knowing God in this encouraging display, people are enabled to live in a spirit of confidence and conquest. Instead of living in fear and depression, live in the glorious assurance of your God for He remains the same in all generations. He would comfort you with His personal unveiling and so enable to believe and behave in a divine manner.




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