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April 5th


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘victory’. It is important to be aware of this fact. Originally, man was made to be a victor by God. There was no way that God designed him to fall foul to defeat and disaster. God wanted to make a prince and ruler of him and that would turn out a winner.


It is was at a time when Israel were in great straits.. The prophetess Deborah arose to give an inspired word and leadership, calling upon Barak to take authority and lead God’s people into conquest. He only would take the task inasmuch as this inspired woman went with them. She willingly consented and proclaimed that the Lord would cause the victory to come from unexpected quarters, a woman – 4:9.

And so it happened. The enemy was beaten and Sisera the leader took flight and sought shelter and covering in the tent of a woman. She was very calm and wise and saw it as an opportunity of disposing of this evil man in such a simple fashion. Because he was thirsty he asked for a drink of water and she gave him milk! He thought he was safe and so decided to sleep and whilst asleep she killed him with a nail and hammer and so put the enemy out of the fight.

The Lord has more than one way of putting our enemies out of business. Those that appear to be a major threat can be dealt with without ado. He does not have to dream up some wonderful scheme in order to get rid of our foes. A teenager was used by the Lord to slay a giant with a pebble! Whatever or whoever may be your inveterate enemy allow the Lord to work the situation and you will be surprised the way He does it.


Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Mother Teresa


Wonderful Love does Jesus Show

There are many wonders in the world of creation around about us, but the greatest wonder of all is the Creator’s love for mankind. There is nothing to equal or transcend it. The very God became very man to do something for man that was and is miraculous and extraordinary. He not only was willing to live as a man but was ready to become His sacrifice for sin in order that the whole human race could be forgiven. To those who accept this and receive Christ as Saviour and Lord of their lives he gives the right to become a member of His household, becoming a son and child of God. It is a house of eternal love – yes, it is wonderful love!

1/. Wonderful love does Jesus show, wonderful grace He does bestow,
Wonderful peace in Him I know, bless His holy name!


Wonderful, wonderful Jesus! Wonderful, wonderful Jesus!
Oh! He’s a wonderful Saviour! Bless His holy name!
2/.  Wonderful! He is always near, wonderful! I have naught to fear,
Wonderful is His voice so dear, bless His holy name! – Chorus

3/. Wonderful help does Jesus send, wonderful keeping to the end,
Wonderful is this constant Friend, bless His holy name! – Chorus

4/. Wonderful day, so pure, so bright, wonderful living in His sight,
Wonderful, round me all is light, bless His holy name!



Things could not be worse. Jerusalem was under siege by the Assyrian forces and it looked as if its days were numbered. God’s people were truly in an embarrassed state and impotent under such confrontation. The representative of the Assyrian host was hurling insult and abuse, making out that in no way could the sacred city be saved out of its immediate crisis. It seemed be no idle boast on his part that was being made because they had already revealed their immense power and capabilities elsewhere. There appeared to be no answer for this emergency.

The question is raised in v4, “What are you trusting that makes you confident?” The king, Hezekiah, had placed his trust in the Lord to rescue him and his subjects out of this extreme circumstance. It would require a miracle in order to deliver, but He knew the Lord was more than able to deal with this massive and destructive foe. In the process, he and all the folk would have to be subjected to this outrageous onslaught of words. Being placed under this evil threat he had to trust. The only other way was to give in but he was not prepared to do this.

There are times when God’s children are exposed to mortal danger. Life and existence appear to be put at risk and doomed. The real enemy, Satan, would provoke all kinds of fear and dread and create havoc and misery. There is a real attack on your faith may be at this hour. The best and wisest course of action is to increase and step up on prayer and faith. It brings relief, rest and re-assurance from God as it is engaged upon. Instead of wilting and withering under spiritual attack, stand forth and trust Him who is still present to hear and mightily deliver.




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