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April 4th


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘victory’. It is important to be aware of this fact. Originally, man was made to be a victor by God. There was no way that God designed him to fall foul to defeat and disaster. God wanted to make a prince and ruler of him and that would turn out a winner.


What a terrible thing for a great amount of people to merely exist in the wilderness when they were made for greater things. God provided for them in that condition but it was not where they ought to have been. They got stuck whilst on an adventurous journey with Him and for forty years languished in a  of just enough. They were simply just getting through. What they needed was to be in the land of more than enough, a place of plenty.

It was a great moment when God re-visited to change things. He met Joshua with a summons to get the people to move on and out into something bigger and better. This man was up for it and gladly responded and so the book of Joshua is all about Israel on the march, being victorious and possessing their possessions. They were more than up to it with God to see the whole territory entered into and taken over and to live on a different scale. It must have been a great feeling to become inheritors!

Now is the time for you to see in entirety what the Lord has promised and do not lag behind in some locked up status and situation. Your break out and breakthrough is now! The platform has been set by your Almighty Lord for you to   experience and enjoy the best. Do not simply exist but rise and take hold of all that He is making clear to you. These are to be the most adventurous and fulfilling days of your spiritual life and career.


Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace. Christie Brinkley


Forever with the Lord

It is good to have a clear view and understanding where things are going to end in the Christian life. One does not have to be morbid because the ultimate could not be better. He who has saved and been with us throughout life’s journey will be there to meet and great us and welcome us into oiur heavenly home. The best consideration will be to behold Him and then to enter into the tremendous things He has prepared. No expense will have been spared as He provides for the endless ages.

Forever with the Lord! Amen, so let it be!  Life from the dead is that word; ‘Tis immortality.

Here in the body pent,  Absent from Him I roam; Yet nightly pitch my moving tent  A day’s march nearer home


My Father’s house on high, Home of my soul, how near At times to faith’s foreseeing eye Thy golden gates appear!

My thirsty spirit faints To reach the land I love, Thy bright inheritance of saints – Jerusalem above.


Forever with the Lord! Father, if ‘tis Thy will, The promise of that faithful word, E’en here to me fulfil,

Be Thou at my right hand Then can I never fail;Uphold Thou me , so I shall stand, Fight, and I must prevail.


So when my latest breath Shall rend the veil in twain, By death I shall escape from death, And life eternal gain.

Knowing as I am known, How shall I love that word!And oft repeat before the throne, For ever with the lord!



These two chapters give a decided contrast of fortunes between two nations: Edom and Israel, the former is to be reduced to utter ruin and desolation whilst the latter enjoys a tremendous experience of renewal and blessedness. Israel’s enemy will be reduced to nothing whilst she enters into a glorious situation of recovery and increase through the intervention of the Lord. Things are going to really change for God’s people and the contrast for them will be outstanding in every way. No longer will the chosen race be subject to poverty and indignity but she will be divinely enriched by the Lord.

Highlighted are some of the enormous things that are to happen and to which they can look forward to with pleasure. The wilderness and the desert will no longer be such because they will become a scene of life, growth and beauty. Springs, streams and rivers will be there to renew completely. For the people, the sick and suffering will know healing life and power so that the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame leap as the deer. No evil stalk the land or the highways. The main road will be called ‘The Highway of Holiness’, thus indicating his will be a pure and sure way for those privileged to be in the renewed condition and land.

The purpose of salvation through Christ is in order to change the fortunes of those who are saved. They are not doomed to desolation but to experience and enjoy regeneration by God. Life is not to be a desert or wilderness but to be filled with the life giving water of the Spirit of God and for fruitfulness to appear on every hand. The call is by the Lord to walk in obedience to His Word and to tread the path of holiness, and this embodies all that is healthy, lovely and beneficial to existence.




Zechariah 1

Twice in the chapter it is stated that the Lord sent and gave a message to His servant to communicate to His people. The messages were given at a time following the end of the Babylonian exile. A particular emphasis repeats itself throughout the whole of Zechariah’s prophesying that lends weight to what is being said: “This is what the Lord Almighty says”. It draws attention to the Speaker and to what is actually spoken. There is a need to sit up and take notice, to hear, understand, believe and respond to the speaker and to what is uttered. It was time for God’s people to hear the clarion call of the Lord and to show a quick mind and heart towards what he was disclosing. At this juncture He is


The time has come when as a people there should come a definite decision and action with regard all sin and evil. The message given by the earlier prophets needed to be repeated: “Turn from your evil ways and stop all your evil practices.” If there was one thing that their recent history had to tell and teach them was the fact that sin does not benefit whatsoever. It brings the devastation of divine judgement. It had become all too evident in the past seventy years and all knew that they had got their just deserts. Now was the time for a real amendment of life and set in motion that kind of life, faith and conduct that would please God and bring His favour back to them. 


The vision of the horse patrols brought news that things were in a state of peace in the earth and that it was now a time of divine movement on behalf of God’s elect household. Things have got to be dramatically altered for His beloved people. Here there is the declaration of the intense love and passion that Jehovah has for His own – “My love for Jerusalem and Mount Zion is passionate and strong.” He is disturbed because of the attitude of other nations to His people and He is to take action to effect the restoration of the good fortune for His people.


The final revelation and message exposes the destruction of the powers that had brought about their desolation. The horns are symbols of heathen authorities that had put Israel to judgement. They had been merciless and wrought untold damage leaving God’s people utterly weakened and feeling a great sense of inadequacy. The tables are now to be turned and the victims are to be turned into victors. Instead of being humbled further, they are to rise and sever the horns of these powers and express their dominancy in and through the LORD Almighty. Instead of living in fear and inferiority, they are to stand up and deal with those who had treated them so shamelessly.

So the Lord comes to His Church in the end times calling for a new way of life, expressing His constancy and affection and giving back its authority.


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