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April 2nd

Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘victory’. It is important to be aware of this fact. Originally, man was made to be a victor by God. There was no way that God designed him to fall foul to defeat and disaster. God wanted to make a prince and ruler of him and that would turn out a winner.


In spite of the decadent times in which Enoch lived, he dared to be different. There was no way that he was going to succumb to evil and be out of favour with God. The most precious thing to him was to be able to establish a warm and meaningful relationship with the great Creator. Others may choose a lower and selfish way to spend their days on earth: he would make his business of entering into a dynamic accord with the One who is above all.

He was rather successful in his pursuit because the Biblical record has it that at 65 he began a marvellous fellowship that went on for 300 years. That some going! The longer they related the more both he and God loved it. This period lifted him into a meaningful and profitable existence. During this liaison he would discover the wonder and worth of God and found out the reason for his being and presence on earth. He was victorious over his own ideas and the influence of others to drag him away from this sacred bond. It finished up with him being translated to heaven!

You can be inspired and encouraged by the example that this man set. Christ came in order to create a walk with God for you, where you can come to know Him as Father and enjoy His Fatherhood in your affairs. The ultimate is the prospect of a dwelling place in heaven.


There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. Nelson Mandela


There is a story sweet to hear

One thing is for sure, the Gospel of Christ, though it is centuries old is still fresh and applicable today. If ever the world of mankind needed to hear some Good News, it is the centred on the glorious message of Christ’s grace and saving worth and work. His successful work on the Cross, to provide forgiveness for our sins and His rising from the dead to give us His presence and life, is the great tidings to gladden every individual. The Gospel of Christ ia always up-to-date news because Christ is always up-to-date.

1/. There is a story sweet to hear, I love to tell it too;
It fills my heart with hope and cheer, ‘tis old yet ever new.


‘tis old, yet ever new, ‘tis old, yet ever new;
I know, I feel ‘tis true; ‘tis old, yet ever new.

2/.  It tells me God the Son came down from glory’s throne to die,
That I might live and wear a crown, and reign with Him on high – refrain

3/. It says He bore the Cross for me, and suffered in my place,
That I from sin might ransomed be, and praise Him for His grace – refrain

4/. Oh wondrous love, so great, so vast, so boundless and so free!
Lord, at Thy feet myself I cast; my all I give to Thee! – refrain



This unique nation, Israel, is assured in the End Time of the rich blessing of the Spirit and is guaranteed what that will mean in so many ways. The Spirit is not only promised but there will be untold promise as He arrives to perform in multiple ways in enriching the lives and situations of God’s people. The word is that He will be ‘poured upon them from on high” v15. There will be every indication that He has arrived in the experience that is to be bestowed.  He will inundate them and the land. No one will be surmising that He has come; His ministry will be altogether evident.

The changes He will bring will initiate tremendous alteration that will transform them and their circumstances. The desert and barren fields will become fertile, lush and highly productive. Justice and righteousness will be the hallmark of the people. A state of true peace and confidence will be exemplified in and by all. There will be no enemies to cause war and unrest. God’s blessing will abound at all times upon all and there will be no lack whatsoever. They will be able to relax and rest in the gracious goodness and provision of the Lord in an unceasing manner.

The Church of Christ does not have to wait for this futuristic event for Israel because Christ has poured out His Spirit already on it so that it may live and enjoy all that the Spirit desires to effect. He is poured out so that faith, life, character, service etc., can be completely and continually blessed by God. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is given in order to initiate renewal and to lead a person into all that is of a godly quality.  Make sure that on a daily basis you know His constant presence and input so that the maximum can be achieved within your life and life-style. God wants to utterly renew you so that you will glorify Him.


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